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Best Soccer Referee Whistle in 2020-Reviews & Buying Guide

Imagine you’re on the field at a football game. You have the ball, and you’re on your way to the end zone when suddenly another player grabs your shirt and pulls you back towards the ground. Suddenly, the sound of a whistle pierces the air - a foul!

When it comes to making sure that a game is fair, a referee whistle is one of the most important components of the game. Without it, players cold foul with impunity and the referees wouldn’t have any way to call them out when it happened. Thus, a referee whistle has to be effective, convenient, and versatile. Today we’re going to look at five of the best soccer referee whistles out there, and then show you which one is our top pick.

Summary of the Best Soccer Referee Whistles

So what exactly do you look for in a whistle? Aren’t they all practically the same? You might think so, but you would be wrong. Referee whistles are not like average models. Instead, they have added features and accessories that make them handy on the playing field and valuable to the scorekeepers.

In our product roundup, we will look at the differences between these whistles and determine which one is the best. To do that, we’ll have to look at how well it can perform, how easy it is to use, and how well it’s made. After all, you don’t want to buy a referee whistle that will break or stop working after a short period.

With that in mind, we bring you the top five referee whistles you can find on the market today.

Recommended Soccer Referee Whistles

Fox 40 Classic Official Finger Grip Whistle -Best Budget Referee Whistles

Fox 40 Classic Official Finger Grip Whistle

Our first stop is the Fox 40 Classic Official Whistle. What you immediately notice with this particular model is that it has a finger mount so you can wear it like a ring. While most whistle users have their product hanging from their neck, professional referees may choose to have it on their finger. Why? Because it is far more efficient. Instead of having to fumble to find the whistle on a chain, you can simply bring it up and blow on it instantly.

What also sets this whistle apart from the pack is that it is highly effective. When comparing these products, you have to keep in mind how loud they get so you know if you will be heard on the field. To that end, the Fox 40 produces a shrill 115 decibels, which is more than enough to command attention from any player within earshot.

Finally, this whistle is built to last. The whole thing is made of high-quality ABS plastic, which will hold up in any kind of weather and should last years, if not decades, as long as you take care of it well. Being plastic also means that moisture will not affect it like it would with metal versions.

What We Liked

  • Shrill, high-pitched noise
  • Sturdy, weather-resistant construction
  • Highly portable and convenient
  • Finger grip is cushioned for better comfort
  • Comes in a pack of a dozen

What We Didn’t Like

  • Does not produce sounds as well as a beaded whistle
  • Sound is very high-pitched, which can get grating to some users
Fox 40 Classic Official Finger Grip Whistle

Our next stop is another model from Fox 40, the Sonik Blast CMG Whistle. When you look at this version, it looks more like a traditional whistle that you would find in the hands of a PE teacher. The biggest difference, however, is that this model is not made out of metal, meaning that it won’t rust or be affected by moisture.

The most notable aspect of this whistle (besides performance) is that you can get it in a variety of colors, meaning that you can personalize it to match your style. The Sonik Blast comes in seven different hues, from pink to red to white, and everything in between. Thus, if you’re the kind of referee who wants to add a bit of personality to your job, this is an excellent choice.

Just like the other Fox 40 whistle, this one does not have a bead in it. The entire thing is made of high-quality ABS plastic, which means that it is built to last and won’t break down easily. Also, the output is higher, with a decibel level of 120, which can be heard up to a mile away. That means that you will automatically command attention on the sidelines, no matter how crazy things may get on the field.

What We Liked

  • Durable ABS plastic
  • Color options for personalization
  • High-pitched noise output
  • Built to last

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can be too high-pitched for some users
  • • Does not come with a chain or lanyard, meaning you have to provide one
  • Doesn’t have the same feeling as a traditional whistle
Acme Thunderer Official Referee Whistle - 60.5

If you’re in the mood for a whistle that will bring you back to your old gym days, then the Acme Thunderer Official Whistle is just the ticket. This is a classic, metallic design that will last and provide some of the best output you can find. Best of all, the metal is water-resistant, meaning that it won’t rust or break down over time. Additionally, you can choose between silver and metallic silver as your coloring options.

As far as performance is concerned, the Thunderer lives up to its name. What’s great about it is that it will match your input, meaning that if you blow harder, it will get louder, all the way up to 130 decibels. It’s also beaded, which means that you get that nice throaty sound that all referees know and love.

The size and weight of this whistle are also ideal. It may not be as comfortable as the finger grip model, but it is polished and smooth for a better feel in your hands. Overall, this is a fantastic product.

What We Liked

  • Durable metal construction
  • Throaty beaded design
  • Comfortable polished edges
  • High sound output

What We Didn’t Like

  • Doesn’t come with a chain or lanyard
  • It’s a bit overpriced for the size and material
Acme 636 Safety Whistle

For those of you who want a traditional looking whistle but don’t want to bother with something as hard or heavy as metal, then the Acme 636 is a great option for you. When you compare this model to the others, you’ll notice that it has a slimmer profile and fits in your fingers much more easily.

As a safety whistle, the 636 is made of high-quality ABS plastic. It also has a ventilated top so that you don’t accidentally block the air when you hold it, which can be a problem with other whistle designs. The rim is soft and polished so that it will feel comfortable between your lips.

Performance-wise, the 636 can produce up to 110 decibels, which is more than enough for most competitions and games. It is also a beadless design, meaning that it will have a much higher pitch overall.

Finally, you can get this whistle in five different colors: black, orange, red, yellow, and green. That way you can customize it to match your preference and style.

What We Liked

  • Slim, compact design
  • Easy to use and hold
  • Top ventilation for fewer accidents
  • Color variety for personalization

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not as loud as other models
  • Can be a bit shrill for some users
  • No chain or lanyard included

Molten Valkeen Whistle with Flip Grip - Best Soccer Referee Whistles

Molten Valkeen Whistle with Flip Grip, Black

Our final stop is at the Molten Valkeen Whistle. This particular model is quite different than the others, which makes it far more noticeable and unique. Instead of having a traditional whistle design, the Valkeen has a flip grip. That means that you can wear it around your neck and then grab the plastic handle, flip it out, and then blow into it. While this does add an extra step initially, it is perfect for referees who like to hold the whistle in their hands while they're on the field.

As for performance, this whistle has the same pitch as the others, with a top decibel range of 120. This is another beadless design, so the noise will carry a bit longer and be slightly more high-pitched than you might be used to.

Finally, the whistle itself is made of high-quality ABS plastic encasing a metal chamber. It is very durable, and it is designed for constant use outside, making it ideal for soccer or football games.

What We Liked

  • Durable construction
  • Comfortable when held in the hand
  • Nice carrying range and output

What We Didn’t Like

  • No chain or lanyard provided
  • Can be a bit shrill for some users

How to Choose a Referee Whistle

If you’ve never bought a referee whistle before, you may be lost as to where you would even start. You’ve gotten some insight into what to expect, but overall there are three things that you should consider before making your purchase.

Material: traditional referee whistles are made of metal and have a small bead in the air chamber which produces a high-pitched warble. These days, however, plastic whistles are becoming more popular because they are safer and can provide a higher pitch, which can be heard much easier.

Decibel Range: because a referee whistle is designed to call attention, you have to know how well it will perform. To get a sense of how well it will work, you’ll need to look at its decibel level. Most whistles will be between 100 and 120, with higher end ones going up to 140 decibels.

Mounting System: when looking at whistles, you will see that most of them have a keyring so you can wear it around your neck on a chain or lanyard. Some models, however, use a finger cuff so that you can wear it on your hand for more convenience. Which one you get will depend on your preference.

Sound of All Whistle

Final Verdict

When comparing these five whistles, we wanted to pick out the one that had the best overall performance, feeling, and convenience. With that in mind, our number one pick is the Molten Valkeen. The material is classic and traditional, and it has one of the highest decibel range of the list.

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