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5 of the Best Soccer Cleats for Kids and Youth available Nowadays

Having the right soccer cleats for toddlers is crucial to their playing abilities. The type of cleats they wear can even be beneficial for the position they play.

However, finding the best soccer cleats for kids can be difficult. For example, a goalie may need a different type of cleat than a midfielder or a defender. This article will help you determine which cleats are perfect for your kid.

Products and Descriptions

Adidas Conquisto FG Cleats are one of best soccer shoes for kids and youth and good all-rounders. The outsole has extra traction elements to help your children stick to the pitch, providing perfect grip and comfort on firm natural surfaces. They have synthetic uppers and a removable insole that can be altered to enhance fit and comfort. The fit is right to the size of your child’s feet, so it is best to get a half-size bigger. However, these cleats are not recommended for those with wider feet.

Vizari Striker FG Soccer Cleats are lightweight, durable, and water resistant. The upper is synthetic leather, and the rubber outsole offers comfort and traction, perfect for real or artificial turf. Also, the outsole is stitched to the upper and is riveted for added durability. The tongue also folds over to provide a nice flat surface for striking the ball. These cleats should work for kids with wide feet.

Dream Pairs Outdoor Soccer Cleats have a lightweight upper and a padded and cushioned collar for extra support. They also offer a fold-over tongue for a flat, clean striking surface. The rubber molded cleats have great rotational traction, which gives your toddler perfect grip and control on soft or damp fields. They tend to run a little big and may not be suitable for kids with wide feet.

Puma evoPower 4 FG are the best soccer shoes for boys as they are lightweight and comfortable, providing kids with energy and accuracy behind every ball strike. The soft synthetic, highly durable upper provides longevity, and the EVA foam insole offers amazing support and comfort. The outsole is molded rubber with bladed stud configuration, making these cleats suitable for hard and dry natural surfaces.

Diadora Forza Turf Soccer Cleats are ideal for firm natural or artificial turf surfaces. They have a soft, polyurethane upper with a padded, brushed nylon ankle collar lining. The EVA foam insole is shock-absorbing, and the outsole is abrasion resistant with multi-studded rubber for synthetic and natural turf. This shoe is great for kids with wide feet.

Reviews of the Best Soccer Cleats For Kids

adidas performance conquisto fg soccer cleat best soccer cleats for kids

Your child will conquer the field in these cleats. A synthetic leather upper offers lightweight durability and an ideal fit, while a soft textile lining paired with the die-cut EVA insole provides maximum comfort without any unnecessary weight.

The cleat has a Traxion FG outsole that delivers superior grip, acceleration, and performance on firm ground pitches. These boots would work perfectly for midfielders, wingers, and the traction control would work great for goalkeepers.

Typically, soccer shoes run narrow, so it can be difficult to find cleats for kids with wider feet. However, the Adidas Conquisto cleats are comfortable for kids with normal or wider feet. They do run a bit small, so try at least a half-size bigger.

Many who have bought these shoes highly recommend them for comfort and durability, and they claim the cleats fit great for their kids. Also, consider how they will fit with socks and shin guards.

Some cautioned that although they work for kids with wide feet, you may want to go up in size since they are a bit narrow, like most soccer cleats for boys. Also, a few claimed the tongue was too short.

Things We Liked

  • Lightweight
  • Superior Traction Control
  • Durable
  • Comfortable

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Run Small
  • Not Turf Shoes
  • Tongue is too Short
viari striker fg soccer shoes

One of the best things about the Vizari soccer cleats is they are water resistant, making them highly durable for outdoor weather. Not only that, but the soft and flexible design fits snug to provide better speed—perfect for wingers.

The shoes are lightweight, and the synthetic leather upper and durable rubber sole promote better ball control. Plus, the tongue folds over for a clean, flat surface for striking the ball. These options make this a good choice for defensive players, midfielders, and forwards as well.

The interior is lightly padded and plush for comfort, and the material is easy to clean. These cleats work great for real and artificial turf.

Some reviews on toddler soccer cleats claimed that Vizari soccer cleats have deep traction, so they are not recommended for indoor use.

Also, they worked great for wide feet, many claiming the cleats were quite roomy.

Things We Liked

  • Great for wide Feet
  • Hybrid Shoes
  • Water Resistant
  • Ideal for Real or Artificial Turf
  • Clean Strike Zone

Things We Didn’t Like

  • long laces
  • Poor Longevity
  • Run Large
dream pairs soccer cleats for kids and youth

These boots offer a padded and cushioned collar for extra support and have a lightweight upper. Also, the fold-over tongue provides a clean striking surface for hitting the ball and keeping the laces secure. Having a clean strike zone is important for goalkeepers and forwards.

Dream Pairs also have rubber molded outsoles for comfort and rotational traction configuration. Traction important for player positions like goalkeepers, midfielders, and wingers; however, all positions need good traction control.

Many found that these cleats are meant to last and durable. A lot of kids find the Dream Pair shoes comfortable, and one reviewer said that his son even scored a bunch of goals wearing them.

There were mixed reviews on how these soccer cleats for girls and boys. Some claimed they fit perfectly, but others said they were either too small or too big. However, one review mentioned that they were perfect and left enough room for shin guards and thicker socks.

Thing We Liked

  • Durable
  • Clean Strike Zone
  • Comfortable
  • Roomy

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Run big
  • Not Made for Wide Feet 
  • Inaccurate Sizing
puma evopower 3 firm ground best soccer shoes for kids

The Puma soccer cleats are designed to give players a lightweight and comfortable shoe. These cleats are highly recommended for players have energy and need accuracy behind ball strikes, making them perfect for Medifelders and Wingers.

With a bladed stud configuration on the rubber outsole, the cleats work best for hard and dry natural surfaces. Also, the boot is a synthetic material, and the laces are asymmetrical.

Since they run half a size up, make sure to buy based on that knowledge. They are narrow, so they are not recommended for kids with wide feet. Some Amazon reviews suggest checking European sizes since they are a European brand.

Many rave that these cleats are high quality and work great for young players. They are definitely made to last long.

Things We Liked

  • Durable
  • Hybrid
  • Hard or Dry Surfaces
  • Accurate Striking
  • Bullet Point 2

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Narrow
  • Run Small
  • Not for Wide Feet
  • Not Suitable for Artificial Ground
diadora forza turf soccer cleat

The uppers are available in both K-leather (or Kangaroo leather) and synthetic leather. The material makes them suitable for firm natural or artificial turf surfaces.

The insoles are made with shock-absorbing EVA foam and the uppers are padded with brushed nylon on the ankle collar lining. Also, the outsoles are abrasion resistant with multi-studded rubber for synthetic or natural turf surfaces, making these shoes work well for defensive players who need more protective shoes.

For kids who have wider feet, these cleats have a bigger toe box than most brands that often run narrow. However, you may still want to consider buying a half-size bigger than your kid’s normal shoe size.

Many buyers agree that these cleats are a fantastic option for wide feet and are also durable quality. The boot is perfect for younger children and offers good traction and stability for a first soccer cleat.

Things We Liked

  • Turf Shoes
  • Made for Wide Feet
  • Protective
  • Good Traction and Stability

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Run Small
  • Not Suitable for Soft Ground
  • Not Suitable for Firm Ground

What Position Does Your Child Play?

When deciding on the type of boot for your kid, it is important to consider the position he or she plays.

  • Goalkeepers: need a cleat with great traction with the ability to move quickly laterally. They should also offer a nice strike zone for kick-outs and back passes.
  • Defensive players: need a boot with slightly more protection and allows for a clean pass.
  • Midfielders should have boots that offer control and the ability to run up and down the pitch in total comfort.
  • Wingers need a lightweight cleat that provides the ability to accelerate and change direction quickly.
  • Forwards should have a boot that has a clean strike zone and provides minimal weight for explosive movements.

What Pitch Does Your Child Play On?

The surface your kid plays on also affects the type of cleat to buy. Different pitches typically require different boot types, so consider these pitches:

  • FG (Firm Ground): natural grass surfaces that do not receive rain regularly. These boots can also be used on artificial grounds.
  • SG (Soft Ground): soft surfaces that allow studs to dig into the ground. Soft ground pitches receive frequent rain.
  • ​AG (Artificial Ground): newer turf surfaces that are effective in providing excellent traction. Boots made for this type of pitch are not to be used on firm ground.
  • HG (Hard Ground): dry surfaces where the grass is worn away, or they have bare ground.
  • AT (Turf): turf shoes are preferred for artificial surfaces, and are designed for any type of surface.
  • IN (Indoor): any sort of court soccer play. These surfaces are generally flat and “solid as a rock.”

How to Pick the Right Size

Kids’ feet are constantly growing, so finding the perfect size that will last them a while can be hard. You want a shoe that will fit right in order to enhance playing ability.

It is recommended to go with the rule of thumb: if you have a thumb space between the toe and the top of the cleat, then the boot is too big. Generally, you want the width of about a baby finger between the top of the boot and the toe; any tighter and the boot is too small.

For kids under 12, apply the same rule, but the width of a baby finger would be too big. Instead, look for a width of about half a finger or somewhere in between.


Overall, our top choice for best soccer cleats for kids is the Puma evoPower 4 FG Soccer Cleat. Since they are firm ground cleats, they work great for natural grass surfaces and artificial surfaces.

We also feel these are a solid choice because the cleats could work for multiple playing positions, and offered the best options for young kids. Plus, the shoes a great quality and provide comfort during every game.

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