Adidas Ace17+ PureControl Reivew

Adidas Ace17+ PureControl Review


You know something doesn’t feel right when your movement is clumsy and the ball slips off from your grasp. While a huge part of bagging that winning trophy is because of tons of practice and a bit of luck, having the perfect soccer equipment can definitely help up your game. By reading several research, and feedback has inspired me to make this Adidas Ace17+ PureControl Review aiming to end the struggle and help you pick the right soccer shoes.

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Review of Adidas Ace17+ PureControl

Combined style and functionality is what I want for my soccer cleats. Aside from helping me bring out my A-game, comfort and design are also on my priority list. And Adidas has continuously aimed to improve and innovate their soccer cleats to develop an upscale look and at the same time deliver utmost control and maximum fit and stability for an increased efficiency of performance that suits me best.

Who Is This Product For?

Ace 17 + Soccer Shoes is designed for all men who shares the same love, knack, and passion for soccer. Its features are carefully thought out to give you the edge and advantage when playing on the field. If you want to stand out, move swiftly and freely, increase your speed and performance, and have a great time playing and winning the game, then this may be perfect soccer shoes for you.

Key Features and Benefits of the Product

adidas Ace17+ PureControl

From a sea of choices, what makes this Ace17 + Cleats so special? How will it help boost my game? Perhaps, you have all these questions running through your head as well while you are scanning and deciding on whether to choose this soccer cleats or not. I can’t blame you because I have been in that same boat countless of times too. It is totally okay to be cautious and know your product well before buying.

To be able to stand out, it should be able to offer something remarkable and distinct. This Adidas Soccer Shoes has very candid and straightforward features that specifically aim to give you absolute control and improve your performance.

  • PrimeKnit Fit

Ace 17 + Soccer Shoes is designed with the Adidas PrimeKnit upper that keeps your feet securely tucked in. Its elastic material firmly hugs your feet despite making a lot of running, twisting and turning, thus allowing you better control of your movement. Aside from that, the PrimeCut collar on the base of the ankle also provides the perfect sock-like comfortable fit when used.

  • No Wear-time Design

With the laceless feature, it is easy to slip your feet into it, and it will adjust accordingly. In the absence of the lace design, the upper part’s bare aesthetics gets your feet closer to the ball with no other overlays that can interfere or get in the way while you make your move. A soft sleeve lining inside the boot helps tighten your feet comfortably to also achieve the right fit, without constricting and compressing it.

  • Non-stop Grip

To be able to hold the ball in your feet, raised dots in thin layers are thoughtfully added in the upper of this soccer cleats. With it, you will be able to control the ball with ease and thus controlling the whole game as well.

  • Boost Technology

Ace 17 + Cleats is engineered to have the most responsive and innovated boost cushioning. It transfers energy in a spring-like effect, thus the more energy you exert, the same amount is returned to you, giving you the advantage from your opponents.

  • Ultra-thin Film

It is entirely made of synthetic, the upper being made to be of ultra-thin film to keep any water or debris out. It is sturdy, has a comfortable feel to your feet and light as a feather when used.

  • Sprintframe Outsole

An upgrade to the Adidas Ground Control 2.0, this gives you the high-speed performance as it is made to be light and provides outstanding balance and stability as you move. As it is designed for firm ground, it has great support and built to last for a long time.


  • lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Fits your feet perfectly
  • Classy Designs
  • Super responsive


  • Sizes tend to be smaller than some other cleats
  • May be expensive if only for the purpose of leisure and recreational games
  • The sole plate is a bit stiff that it may not flex well at first

Customers Reviews

Adidas Ace 17+

Knowing how it performs straight from its customers who have already bought and used it, is one effective way to test the product’s effectiveness and truthfulness. These are some of the feedback and comments I gathered as part of this Adidas Ace17+ PureControl Review.

“The cleat feels secure and lights around my foot, and it lets me move and turn fast both on and off the ball. The laceless design definitely helped me control and these cleats have increased my performance.”

-Nycvandal, customer at

“I love the way these boots fit around my feet. They are super light and responsive. I would recommend these boots to any football player who wants to up their game.”

-PzGANGGANGGANG, customer at

“Perfect boots for playing in all conditions wore them a few times and had no problems, would recommend getting half a size up to ensure a perfect fit”

-JLO7, customer at

FAQ and Additional Tips

How much do this Adidas Soccer Shoes cost?

With this caliber, Ace 17 + Cleats costs about $210 to $355.

What are the colors and designs available?

Adidas Ace17+ believes that style should not be compromised with comfort and efficiency. There are several color choices available for your liking. If you prefer the classic and mono block colors, then you can choose for either all black or white design. I know some players likes a little splash of colors in their gear, thus the combination of solar and coral green with black three-stripe Adidas trademark design may just be what you want.

How much does it weigh?

For you to be able to move freely and run comfortably, this Ace 17 + Soccer Shoes weighs only about 7.9 oz.

What comes with the package?

When you purchase this soccer cleats, your shoes is safely and carefully stored in a black mesh bag inside the box.

Who wear this shoes of the famous soccer players?​

This shoes is been wear by Paul Pogba, Juan Mata, Mesut Ozil, Dele Alli,  and many others. 

Final Verdict

Though there are many incredibly nice soccer shoes available in different models, brands, and excellent features, this soccer shoes come superior that for this Adidas Ace17+ PureControl Review I will gladly rate it a perfect 5 out of 5. Definitely, I would recommend it as it is not only stylish and fits comfortably, but has optimum boosting features for an improved performance.

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