Nike Magista Obra II Cleats review

The Nike Magista Obra II Cleats Review


The Nike Magista Obra II Cleats


The Nike Magista Obra II Cleats are Nike’s latest soccer cleats. They are designed to make the user better at playing football while also being more comfortable, durable, and visually appealing.

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1: If you need new cleats…

Then you should probably check out the latest Nike soccer cleats. Soccer is a popular and beloved sport by many people for many different reasons. It’s fun to play, gets people active, and has a lot of cultural significance.

But soccer can’t really be enjoyed or played at all if you don’t have the proper equipment, and that includes having the right kind of cleats.

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Because of my personal experience, and after doing lots of good research into many different ways to solve this kind of problem, I am going to provide all the information that you need to know on why you should consider Nike’s latest soccer cleats if you are in need of some new shoes to play—and enjoy playing—soccer.

2. Product Review: Nike Magista Obra II Cleats

Nike Magista Obra II Cleats

Here is everything you should know about the Nike Magista Obra II Cleats:

So what’s the deal?: A Brief Overview

The Nike Magista Obra II Cleats are for people who love to play soccer. As the product’s title suggests, Nike is the company behind the cleats.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Breaks in easily
  • Comfortable
  • Unisex


  • Audience is limited with no option for kid’s sizes currently available
  • Top flap can potentially cause skin irritations or burns around the ankle, especially at the start of using it 


  • Bright colors
  • Cleated soles
  • Laces
  • Top flap
  • Nike Logo



Nike’s latest soccer cleats are a sturdy and durable shoe product for men and women who love to play football. With colors that pop and the famous Nike logo, these cleats are anything but boring, being just as fun to look at as they are to wear when playing soccer.

Who are these cleats made for?: Main Audience

This product is made for people who love to play soccer. They are mainly made for both men and women since the cleats don’t differentiate between men’s sizes or women’s sizes. Also, there are a kid's sizes.  

What’s to love about these cleats?: Benefits & Key Features

  • Bright colors:
    Nike’s soccer cleats are visually appealing and make them more fun to wear and look at.
  • Cleated soles:
    The cleated soles make these shoes suitable for playing soccer, rain or shine, and add to the speed, comfort, and durability that the shoes provide.
  • Laces:
    The laces will make your shoes less likely to slip off, especially during rough play.
  • ​Top Flap:
    The top flap will make the cleats more secure on your feet, making them less likely to slip off, especially during rough play.
  • The Nike Logo:
    The Nike Logo is a famous and recognizable brand logo that will make you seem cool and stylish on the field.

3. Customer Reviews on Nike Magista Obra II Cleats

Nike Magista Obra 2

So what are people saying about Nike’s soccer cleats?

“The new Magista Obra II has one of the best fits I’ve ever experienced from a Nike cleat…the biggest difference in the new Magista II is that there is more padding in the upper than before, giving you a more personalized fit and a softer touch all around” 

Cole Walker

As a center back in playing club and varsity soccer, I need a solid boot with a good touch. Out of the box, they are extremely comfortable and took about 5 minutes for me to break them in. My touch has improved and I can place the ball with free kicks on a dime. I highly recommend this boot.


Just received these in the mail today and right out of the box they are extremely comfortable… I am pretty disappointed with the flaws before even wearing them. The DF collar already has a small hole in it and one of the lacing reinforcements inside the boot isn’t even properly glued down.


4. FAQ

·How much do the latest Nike soccer cleats cost?

The Nike Magista Obra II Cleats cost about approximately $300.

·How do I use the cleats?

Just slip them on, tie them up, and wear them to play soccer!

·What is guaranteed about the cleats?

The cleats are guaranteed to be comfortable, break in easily, and help you improve your soccer skills.

·How long do I have to wait for the cleats to be delivered to my house?

Delivery time depends on where you buy the cleats from and what type of delivery you choose, but a standard delivery time would be 5-7 business days.

5. The Final Verdict

I highly recommend getting the new Nike Magista Obra II Cleats if you need a new pair of cleats that are soft and durable while also being sturdy and durable. These cleats will help you become better at playing soccer.

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