Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG Soccer Cleats review

5 best soccer cleats for 2020 you need to know

Shoes that serve your feet comfortably are one of the main requirements when laying any sport. For all those who play soccer, it is quite a hard task to select and buy shoes that will suit the game, the feet and provide comfort during the game.

Hence, to help you minimize the process of choosing the perfect shoes, and spare your feet some major discomfort; we have assembled a list of the best soccer cleats for 2020 for you.

The Adidas Performance Men’s X 16.3 Fg Soccer Shoe is designed for the ultimate player. It offers great purchase on both grass and artificial turf, especially on the dry natural ground which makes it the ultimate shoe to have if you are serious about your sport.

Moreover, the shoe is shaped in a way to offer you maximum comfort while playing. With its lock-down technology and its synthetic insole, the X 16.3 is the way to go if you want combined comfort and stability on any turf you choose.

If you are looking for the ultimate champion of this year’s soccer cleats, you have it in the form of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG Soccer cleat. Arguably the world’s best sports company has created a majestic specimen of boots for the soccer field, worn by legends such as Naymer.

The Phantom II FG combines world-class luxurious comfort with practicality to make you invincible on the soccer pitch. The shoes are made of synthetic nylon, which aims to protect your feet, and contains technology that is sure to give you an edge.

If speed is what you are looking for more than anything else while playing the game, we have got the perfect shoes for you. Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG Soccer cleats are the perfect shoes for those who would like to make a difference in the game.

With a lightweight, socklike fit and synthetic layering, as well as the latest technology that will give you explosive speed, these shoes fit like a glove, while giving you an edge

It’s not that soccer shoes cannot be worn by both men and women; it’s the level of comfort these shoes provide. And with the Adidas Performance Women’s Ace 16.4 FXG Soccer Shoe, you get a product that caters especially to the narrow feet and softer, more sensitive soles of you ladies.

With its light weight build, and wider, more flexible construction, The Ace 16.4 offers a firmer grasp on any turf, and a better ball control. Plus, you get to show off your style with the flair these shoes afford.

For those who mean business while playing, the Puma evoPower 1.3 Men’s firm ground soccer cleats are a perfect choice.

Fashioned especially to increase your chances of scoring, the Puma evoPower ensures your comfort while expertly accounting your body force into the kicks you make. Flexibility, power and accuracy from your feet to the goal.

Costing around $ 220, the shoes are available in colors that scream bold and confident.

Best Soccer Cleats Reviews for 2020

Adidas Performance Men’s X 16.3 FG Soccer Shoe

Due to its premium build, Adidas X 16.3 is a perfect shoe for any soccer player. The synthetic material used to make the shoe offers an excellent structure, and the synthetic interior grants the shoe comfort.

Made from imported materials, the build allows the shoes to give you a quality casing for your feet, and hence, avoid burns and blisters when you run.

The close-fitting upper molds of the shoe create a flat top which makes it easier for you to kick some fantastic shooters that wouldn't be possible with an arched top. To put the cherry on top, the shoes have a synthetic interior lining that locks sown your foot when you wear it, and prevents the feet from sliding around. The foot locks down inside the shoe, allowing you to play safely from the start.

The X 16.3 features Fg Chaos stud configuration, which allows the wearer to get a good purchase on the turf, be it natural or artificial. Many people who have purchased this product report having a better grip while running, and a greater acceleration.

With explosive speed and high-speed Chaos technology to change the game, this shoe is for the serious player.

You can purchase the shoes in two flattering color combinations, giving yourself the chance to express yourself even as you play.

Many have reported the shoes to being extremely comfortable and claim that the shoes have a nice and firm feel, which gives them a good purchase on the turf, especially when playing outdoors.

What we like

  • Offer good grip on solid turf
  • Comfortable with a locked interior to prevent blisters
  • Perfect for kicking shooters and wide range shots

What we didn’t like

  • Shoe size smaller than the one you would usually buy
  • Material not up to par
  • Limited color selection

Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG Soccer Cleats review

If you are the type of person who values good quality combines with the best technology, then these shoes are a must have for you. They combine practicality with comfort to give you the perfect combination.

Constructed from imported synthetic materials, the Phantom II is a nylon masterpiece. With its dynamic fit collar, that protects your ankles and gives you a sock-like feel, and sock liner that gives you maximum cushioning while you play, this shoe is the epitome of comfort.

Nike skin technology moulds the shoe to your skin and gives it a glove like fitting so that your feet don’t slip around.

The shoes feature All Conditions Control technology fitted into the upper. This not only creates a shoe great to wear and look at, but also gives you optimal control of the ball in whatever conditions.

This shoe, designed as a masterpiece, is a shoe for do-ers. With a split toe plate, and flexible outsole, the shoe is designed for maximum speed and agility.

The forefoot grooves allow for the quick response and full sprinting capability.

Available in 2 different neon color combinations, the product ranges between $200 to $300, an affordable choice for those who value perfection.

Many people find them comfortable, but would suggest breaking them in a day or two before a big game

The shoes have been called super light and extremely agile, and have received great reviews on the purchase that they offer on any turf, outdoor or indoor.

What we like:

  • Excellent grip and acceleration
  • Thick upper sole and proper protection
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Durable
  • Ankle protection

What we don’t like:

  • Size is smaller than one’s normal size
  • Can cause blisters in the first few days

The Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG Men’s Soccer cleats are the ultimate shoes to have if you want to fly out on the field. Perfect for the attacking strikers, these shoes offer the maximum comfort, and the ultimate speed rolled into one.

Made using synthetic materials, with a synthetic sole, the Superfly V fg shoes have had wearers as famous as Ronaldo. The Dynamic Collar fit ensures that your feet are locked down inside the shoe, preventing blisters and burns. The shoes mould according to your feet, making them comfortable and practical.

The one piece Flyknit upper with its Nike Grip technology ensures total protection to your feet against hard kicks and stomping.

Speed ribs fitted into the shoe system offer better touch response around the shoe, while ACC technology guarantees better control on the ball in wet or dry seasons.

With studs that work on any turf, be it wet, natural or muddy, the Superfly V is a gem of a shoe. Ultra light Nike 3D speed plates are fitted into the soles, making sure that you get explosive speed and maximum acceleration.

Dripping in color from collar to cleat, the Nike Superfly V is available in various shades which you can customize to suit according to your style. Costing around 300 to 350, these shoes are a must have for the soccer enthusiast who wants to do.

The slim, stylish build of the shoes is an attractive feature as well as the fact that these shoes can be hosed off after a dirty game and return to their original look.

Many consumers have praised the lightness and the traction that the shoes offer.

The traction offered by the cleats is commendable, and the agility offered by the shoes praised.

What we like:

  • Lightness of material
  • Excellent acceleration
  • Barefoot feel and performance
  • Excellent traction on firm turf

What we don’t like:

  • Thin upper around the toes

4.Adidas Performance Women's Ace 16.4 FXG Soccer Shoe

Adidas ace 16.4 fxg Women Shoes review

Made especially for the female fans, the Adidas Women’s Ace 16.4 Soccer shoes for narrow feet are the perfect fit for a woman.

The shoes are made of imported material, with a synthetic body and inner sole. This allows for protection from stomping and injuries while kicking the ball. With a synthetic lining and light Control Feel upper, you get a comfortable, snug shoe that feels like it almost isn’t there.

With their flexible outsoles and ground cleats, these shoes are perfect for a player of every level, from the beginner to the pro. Excellent traction and wide outsoles lead to incredible ball control.

The good purchase and high-quality ball grip allow for the perfect shoe for any turf, indoor or outdoor. Flexible outsoles allow for high speed and stability that will most certainly give you an edge on the field.

Available in 3 tasteful colors, the shoes are stylish and showcase a classic 3 striped design.

Many customers are satisfied with the quality of comfort and the excellent grip that these shoes offer on dry and wet turf.

Easily affordable in a range of $ 20 to $ 50, these shoes will make you a pro on the field.

What we like:

  • Excellent purchase on any turf
  • Good comfort and stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Good fit, exact sizing

What we don’t like:

  • Hard to clean

5.Puma evoPower 1.3 Fg Men’s Firm Ground Soccer cleats

Puma evoPower 1.3 Fg Men’s Firm Ground Soccer cleats review

Innovated for the sole purpose of allowing you to make the perfect goal, the Puma evoPower 1.3 is made for those born to achieve.

Made from the best imported synthetic material, with a synthetic body and sole, these shoes are designed for comfort and aim. With a one way, Adap-lite upper fashioned out of stretchable material, your shoe will not only protect you from stomping and kicks, but allow your feet to bend in a barefoot manner.

The Griptex print around the upper sole allows perfect ball grip, be it wet or dry. Suitable for the firm, dry turf, natural or artificial, these shoes provide comfort as well as purpose.

Pebax out-sole and Stability frames merged into the shoes reduce the weight of the shoe, all the while increasing flexibility.

The evoPower 1.3 features a blend of conical and traction studs to increase maneuverability and stability. Great speed and agility, the evoPower knows what’s up.

With its asymmetric laces, and its technology that takes your stance force into consideration, this is a shoe for those who mean business.

Available in two colors that will mark you like the bold one, and in a very affordable price range, these shoes improve not only your performance but also your look.

Majority claims that the shoes don't hurt and have a good firm grip. Many have reported them to be light, quick and sure footed.

The shoes are reviewed to have a good grip and flexibility, as well as being stylish and have a reliable look.

What we like:

  • Great flexibility and stability
  • Good amplification of power into kick
  • Look reliable
  • Lightweight

What we don’t like:

  • Narrow design
  • Sizing is a little off

What cleats to buy according to your position?

Footwear is vital in your game, and you should always make sure to select your shoes according to the position you play in. A goalie cannot afford to have shoes with thin upper bodies. The faster players need shoes that offer more purchase, while the defendants need stronger, sturdier footwear.

The following list may help you clarify the choice of footwear you need to buy:

•Goalkeeper: Strong upper body with central stud placement to avoid slipping, good traction from all directions

Forward: Lightweight preferably leather shoe with good grip, maximum speed, and acceleration

Central midfielder: Lightweight, yet sturdy shoe, maximum grip and good flexibility

Striker: Any good soccer cleat that offers good protection to the foot

What all these shoes must have in common is a good comfort and a proper fit so that your feet do not suffer at the expense of the game any more than they have to.

Does your foot shape matter?

Yes, it does. You cannot buy best soccer cleats for narrow feet if your feet are wide, nor can you wear a shoe without cushioning if your feet have high arches, and you must look for best soccer cleats for wide feet. Your feet do not need to suffer needlessly.

Carefully decide on your choice of cleats with the shape of your feet in mind, and focus especially on the size! This is where the thumb is your friend.

If your thumb can fit between your big toe and the edge of your shoe, it's too big. And if there is no space, your shoe is too small. The best size is when you can fit your little finger in the space between your toe and shoe.


We want what’s best for you. And we aim to offer you our sincerest opinion. So, in this review, we’d vote the Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Men’s Soccer cleats as the best choice for the season of 2019.

With their stylish outlook and their expensive feel, the shoes are the perfect combination of logic and art. Made from the best material, and carrying traces of all the latest technologies, these shoes are masters in every field.

The acceleration and agility offered by the Phantom II cleats is unparalleled by any other. Plus, it has everything one could want regardless of the position they play in. Effective shock absorption, good maneuverability and quick defense response, its perfect for all.

Quality protection, comfort and an excellent grip and flexibility, all under a huge label and a very affordable price- what more can one want.

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