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5 Best Soccer Ball for Training That Will Help You Play Better

Did you know there’s a difference between a match soccer ball and soccer ball for training? The difference can save you a lot of money in the long run without sacrificing playability, weight or technique as you learn the best moves and tricks.

What is a training soccer ball, exactly? It’s a ball made with lesser-quality materials compared to a match-ready ball, and you should watch for the term “glider soccer ball” because the lesser materials make the ball glide over surfaces more easily.

The best soccer ball for training lasts a long time, is just the right size and can play on any surface. Finding the proper training soccer ball can be hard because there are plenty of choices, so this guide will break down five of the best soccer ball for training you can buy today.





Puma soccer ball

Puma FluoCat Training Soccer Ball

adidas best soccer ball for training

Champions League Finale Top Training Soccer Ball

adidas nativo ball

MLS Top Glider Soccer Ball

adidas soccer ball

Conext15 Glider Soccer Ball

Friction best soccer training ball

KixFriction Soccer Training Ball - Editorial Choice

Brief Summary

These five soccer balls represent the best of the best among many manufacturers. It’s a highly competitive market, so this guide narrows down your choices for you to make the right selection when it’s time to buy.

Puma FluoCat Training Soccer Ball

Puma is a well-known name brand in soccer equipment. Its FluoCat training soccer ball might be a good choice for anyone who wants a high-quality ball that lasts a long time.

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Champions League Finale Top Training Soccer Ball

Adidas makes its Champions League Finale top training soccer ball from high-quality materials. The seamless design resists intrusions from water and it helps maintain the proper weight under any conditions.

MLS Top Glider Soccer Ball

Adidas comes through with its MLS-patterned top glider soccer ball. Machine stitching keeps the panels together through all practice conditions.

Conext15 Glider Soccer Ball

The Conext15 glider soccer ball honors the design of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup with its bright colors that make it visible anywhere on the pitch. Internal bladders help the ball keep its shape no matter what.

Kix Friction

Kix Friction makes a training soccer ball that is bright yellow so you can see it better in any lighting level. Raised flaps increase friction on the ground as you train for power on the pitch.

Reviews of The Best Soccer Ball for Training

Take a look at these five soccer balls for training. After the reviews, we will get into what to look for when buying soccer balls in general.

Puma soccer ball

Puma’s FluoCat training soccer ball is basic ball from a good manufacturer. The orange surface stands out in the middle of the day or under the night lights.

Machine stitching makes the ball feel softer as it has more give compared to match-ball quality. Each panel comes together evenly as a soccer ball should.

Even though it’s not match-ready, this ball has good flight characteristics, decent movement on the ground, and it responds well to subtle touches and precision moves. The materials and construction tend to favor low wear-and-tear compared to highly intense practices that occur every day.

What We Like

  • Three colors: orange, pink, green
  • Easy to control
  • Easy to inflate

What We Don’t Like

  • Wears Out Easily
  • Doesn’t Hold Up Under Intense Practices
  • Workmanship Belies Value
adidas best soccer ball for training

Adidas make the Champions League Finale top training soccer ball as a replica of the ball used in the finale of the club league tournament. Each panel is thermally bonded to cover the stitching for better waterproofing and shape-holding capabilities.

Thermal bonding may make this ball last longer versus ones that are just stitched together. How long the ball lasts depends on playing conditions, how often the ball is used and the playing surface.

Alternating dark and light color patterns make the ball stand out in various lighting levels. The pattern precisely matches the ball as it was played in the UEFA Champions League Final of 2016 in Milan, so people looking for authenticity have found their training ball.

The exterior is softer than match-played balls, which makes it easier for younger players to handle. Softer materials also give experienced players better ball control approaching the same style as a match ball.

This ball comes in three sizes from 3 to 5, which are good for any age or skill level. This well-rounded product is a hit for soccer players all over the world.

What We Like

  • Higher-grade materials compared to other training balls.
  • Authentic look
  • Three different sizes
  • Soft exterior

What We Don’t Like

  • Stitching may come undone under intense conditions
  • Outer design tends to fade quickly
  • Wears out easily
adidas nativo ball

Adidas makes MLS’s top glider soccer ball as another match ball replica similar to the UEFA Champions League Final replica. The design has alternating colors so you can see it better when it rolls around the pitch or comes at you in the air.

The exterior is made of special TPU that might resist abrasion, depending on your practice conditions. Machine stitching keeps the panels together on this typical soccer ball for training.

Inside, a butyl bladder keeps everything together and inflated properly. Again, this depends on the conditions of practice.

This ball comes in three sizes, from 3 to 5. That means it’s good for any age and skill level.

What We Like

  • Authentic colors
  • Good outer shell
  • Three sizes

What We Don’t Like

  • Need to add air when it arrives
  • ​May scuff easily during shipping
  • May get a different year ball than requested
adidas soccer ball

Adidas comes through again with its Conext15 glider soccer ball. This design is based on the FIFA Women’s World Cup from 2015 played in Canada, so your favorite women’s players throughout the world used a similar ball on the pitch in front of a world stage.

As with every other good training soccer ball, the color scheme stands out with stripes against a white ball. You won’t lose sight of this ball in the day or night.

The materials might make this ball last longer, depending on training conditions and the weather. More intense conditions may make this ball wear down faster.

Order this ball in one of three sizes, starting with size 3 on the small end and going to size 5 on the large end. If your youngster has mad skills, he or she can bump up to the next size ball for increased strength and agility on the ball.

What We Like

  • Authentic design
  • Good workmanship that could last long under easy conditions
  • Color scheme

What We Don’t Like

  • Stitching may come undone in game-like conditions as opposed to training
  • Ball may arrive deflated
  • Might scuff easily
Friction best soccer training ball

KixFriction looks like one of the most unique soccer balls for training on the market because of the optic yellow color combined with the black tips sticking out of each panel. This soccer ball contains 92 butyl rubber flaps that stick out from the sides of the ball to create more friction on the pitch.

The idea is that the ball is harder to kick because it travels shorter distances due to the rubber flaps. This changes the dynamic of the ball without adding weight, so it feels as if you have to kick it harder and more accurately.

The end result is that this ball could increase your muscle tone, and it might improve your power and accuracy because of the friction that acts on the ball.

This might not be the best ball for practicing set pieces or for bending a ball around a wall. The rubber flaps might alter the aerodynamics of the ball itself.

However, when it comes to passing on the ground, accuracy drills and kicking the ball as hard as possible, the KixFriction represents a different take from normal training soccer balls. The optic yellow color makes it stand out in any lighting levels, day or night.

What We Like

  • Unique design with the flaps
  • 1-year warranty on construction
  • Visually appealing yellow color

What We Don’t Like

  • Flaps may alter game-style aerodynamics
  • The attention from the flaps
  • Only two sizes available
  • Ball comes deflated, so have a pump ready

How to Pick Soccer Ball Sizes?

The largest type is a soccer ball size 5. This size is recommended for anyone 12 and older, and it’s the size professional soccer players use. Size 4 is the intermediate size for players 8 to 12, while anyone under age 8 uses size 3.

A new concept in training is to use a size 1 ball. This extremely small size attempts to help a player perfect subtle touches, juggling and precise ball control during dribbling.

Make sure you indicate which size ball you need when you order from an online shop. That saves you a lot of headaches later.


Overall, the best soccer ball for training out of this bunch is the KixFriction soccer ball. It’s not just about the looks because this ball delivers a unique training experience.

The rubber flaps increase friction, which forces the player to kick harder, have better touches and have more accurate passing. That translates to better strength on the pitch when trainers use the ball properly.

KixFriction may be the best soccer ball for training, period, because of its interesting design and easy-to-see optic yellow color. Check out this ball today if you want a good training ball that can help you elevate your game the more you use it.

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