Adidas Nativo best soccer ball

Oh my god! The 5 best soccer ball in the world

Choosing best soccer ball in the world is of the utmost importance when you go out to play the beautiful game. Different balls offer different features that justify their price tags and allow you to experience the game in a different way.

Type of Soccer Balls

  • Premium Match Balls

Premium match soccer balls are balls that have been approved by the head of governing body of the game, FIFA. FIFA governs the highest levels of the game so the tests are thorough and their stamp of approval is generally a good indicator of the elite quality of the ball. The soccer balls used by the professionals must be able to hold their shape and air throughout an intense match as well as maintain a significant water resistance.

  • Match Soccer Ball

Match soccer balls are a slight step down in quality but sit at a happy medium between performance and price. These soccer balls are generally used at the college and high school level and offer a high level of performance in a more durable package.

  • Training Balls

Training balls are the most durable soccer balls as they must hold up to several intense sessions every week for an entire season. They offer solid performance in almost every category and present real value to you if you are dedicated to working on your skills every day.

Nike Ordem 3 best soccer ball

Nike’s highest priced soccer ball is their premium match ball, the Ordem 3, which is an exceptionally solid performer and has solidified its place in the market.

This advanced match ball combines twelve fused pentagon-shaped panels to create a perfectly round ball. The design gives it the appearance of having many more panels in a more traditional construction but those are specifically placed by Nike to improve aerodynamics while the ball is in flight. The grooves of the pseudo panels allow air to flow more evenly throughout the ball flight, giving it a balanced, predictable trajectory.

The ball also has a slightly dimpled texture and is firmer than average. Compared to other similar match balls, the Ordem 3 is of a medium weight and feels solid to the touch. It has an extremely predictable flight path, making easy to pick up and play with no adjustment period.

This is Nike’s best soccer ball and a FIFA approved match ball that will meet all of your needs. If you are looking for an ultra high performing, predictable, solid match ball, you cannot go wrong with the Ordem 3.

What We Like

  • Predictable
  • Solid

What We Don't Like

  • Firmness
Adidas Nativo best soccer ball

The official Major League Soccer match ball is an excellently crafted ball from Adidas. The match ball is best used in ultra-competitive game environments or if you are searching for one of the best performing balls on the market.

The latest match ball for the 2020 MLS season is based on the same design as the World Cup Brazuca ball but with the new texturing from the Euro tournament.

This ball is extremely well made with six fused together X-shaped panels. The X panels have a variety of square and rounded edges to them but still come together through a special Adidas fuse that makes the ball perfectly round. Being an official match ball, this ball, of course, meets all the stringent requirements set forth by FIFA.

This ball is perfect for you if you love to hit hard, knuckling, bobbling shots that twist unpredictably in the air. This ball zooms through the air very quickly and is the most unpredictable high-end ball on the market.

Even with its flight speed, the Nativo is a bit heavier than average. It does not feel clunky or cumbersome but that super lightweight modern soccer ball feel is definitely not as present as others on the market.

What We Like

  • Moves Through Air Nicely
  • Match Ball Quality Shines Through

What We Don't Like

  • Heavier than Average

Nike Catalyst

Nike Catalyst Soccer Ball

The Nike Catalyst is a wonderfully capable match ball from Nike that can be used in any situation. It has a high-quality build, a reasonable price tag, durability, and solid feel that make it perfect for just about anybody.

Even though the Catalyst does not have the insanely high price tag of a premium match ball, it is still FIFA approved, meaning it is still just as capable and reliable as any of the higher priced soccer balls.

The Catalyst features a traditional thirty-two stitched panel design with hexagonal shapes that have varying rounded and curved edges throughout. The ball does not feature any grip on the surface. It has a slightly slippery feel against your foot and will also feel much harder and less forgiving than the Nike Ordem.

This ball has been produced in the same fashion by the American sports giants for over eight years, proving its quality, reliability, and performance. It is a predictable, solid ball that can be used in intense game situations as well as in high-level practices and the lower price point makes it accessible to nearly everyone on the market.

If you want a ball that is old school but still incredibly reliable and a top performer, this is the soccer ball for you. It can be used in training or in intense game situations and never let you down.

What We Like

  • Reliable Performer
  • Price

What We Don't Like

  • Lack of Grip

Mitre Monde V12

Mitre Monde V12 football ball

The Mitre Monde V12 is a standout ball that retails for very little but it still FIFA approved. This means it can slot in as a match ball in almost any professional game. Mitre has a dedication to proving high-quality soccer balls at very reasonable price and the Monde V12 is a terrific example of this.

The Monde V12 features a twelve panel design with T-shaped panels that are stitched together to create a perfectly round ball. The lack of padding gives it a firmer, though more responsive feel and the weight is slightly above average. This differs from most modern soccer balls but the Monde V12 is still an admirable performer.

Though it is technically a match ball, the Monde V12 makes an incredible training ball due to its lack of progressive technologies and basement price. Its air retention and durability are fantastic and the lack of grip or air grooves make it a great indicator of your actual ability. There will not be any technology to aid you in your strikes.

Mitre has proven to be a reliable brand and the Monde V12 is an excellently crafted FIFA approved ball that fits the bill as one of the best soccer balls on the market. It is a true performer and its versatility allows it to be used for practice and matches without paying an insanely high price.

What We Like

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Durability

What We Don't Like

  • Firmness

Brine Phantom

Brine Phantom

The Brine Phantom is one of the best soccer ball for training on the market. It provides amazing value with its combination of features and durability.

The Brine Phantom is constructed with a traditional thirty-two panel hand stitched outside with an Air Tech 2 for terrific air retention. This dedication to quality and solidity are hallmarks of Brine soccer balls and the Phantom is no different. Even at its middle of the road price point, it offers exceptional build quality and longevity.

Speaking of longevity, Brine includes a three-year warranty on all Phantom training balls. This makes them fantastic for intense training sessions because if an issue arises, Brine will gladly replace the ball for free.

The “old but gold” design of the ball give it a true flight path but also make it firmer than most modern day top-notch balls. The ball also has no grip texturing on the outside, but even with this old school design, it is used widely in North America on college and elite club trams alike as it offers quality at a reasonable price.

If you want exceptional build quality with a solid performance at a bargain price, then the Brine Phantom is for you.

What We Like

  • Warranty
  • Durability
  • Reliability

What We Don't Like

  • Lack of Grip


The best soccer ball on the market is the Nike Ordem 3. It is a premium match ball that will give you unparalleled technology and grip to make hitting those zooming shots a breeze.

The softness and medium weight combined with its true flight path make it an easy ball to adjust to. The grip texturing on the outside makes it better for dribbling and the slightly firm feel make it a responsive ball.

Save for the price, the ball is without faults as evidenced by its FIFA approval. If you want an elite level ball with the latest and greatest technologies and great looking graphics, then the Nike Ordem 3 premium match ball is the best soccer ball for you.

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