UEFA Champions League Ball Review

UEFA Champions League Ball Review


When it comes to finding the perfect soccer ball for you to use, it might be a difficult search. Luckily for you, I have completed all of the research necessary and have found a great soccer ball. The UEFA Champions League Ball is one of the best soccer balls you can buy thanks to the premium durable cover, the thermal bond construction and the revolutionary panel design. As you’ll see from all of the information to follow in this review, there’s a chance that this soccer ball might be the best choice for you.

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UEFA Champions League Ball Review

Brief Overview

UEFA Champions League Ball

The UEFA Champions League Official Game Ball might be one of the best soccer balls that you can currently find on the market. It is produced and manufactured by Adidas, one of the leaders in soccer equipment and apparel. While it has a hefty price tag for most people, it’s easy to see why after diving into all of the features offered by this soccer ball.


  • Premium polyurethane cover makes it durable
  • Limited water absorption thanks to the thermally bonded construction
  • Perfect roundness because of the latex bladder
  • Two different color choices in both white/green and orange/green
  • Unique Design


  • It is one of the more expensive soccer ball options on the market
  • Only available in size 5, so it won’t be an option for younger kids

Key Features And Benefits

Polyurethane Cover

One of the most important aspects of a soccer ball comes in the material of the cover. The cover of the soccer ball takes the most damage and needs to be durable. This soccer ball features a premium polyurethane cover so that you know you won’t have to worry about this soccer ball holding up in whatever conditions you put it through.

Thermal Bond Construction

The thermally bonded construction on this soccer ball helps ensure that your soccer ball will have limited water absorption. The less water it absorbs, the better chance you’re going to have of maintaining a lighter and rounder soccer ball for use. Additionally, water absorption in a soccer ball can significantly impact the lifespan of the ball, so having a ball that absorbs less water is a huge benefit.

Panel Shape

This soccer ball also has a revolutionary panel design that allows for seamless construction so you can get a perfectly smooth pass or shot off every single time. The panel shape of this particular soccer ball also enhances the flight speed on the ball and helps it maintain it’s perfect roundness as well.

FIFA Approved

This particular soccer ball has passed all of the FIFA tests when it comes to circumference, weight, rebound and water absorption, which means it is approved by FIFA for use in all of their matches. If it’s good for FIFA, then you know it is going to be good for you as well.


Its design is one of its kind featuring the famous star panel look. The ball contains a handwriting style comments, such as "Control The Game Is Everything" and "Faster Than a Bullet" which are written by some famous players like Ozil, Bale, and many others.

Customer Reviews

UEFA Champions League Ball 2017

“Excellent ball. You really won’t regret paying the price for this ball.”

“My friends and I absolutely love enjoying this professional soccer ball. It is simply great quality and provides a perfect feeling on your feet.”

“This is now the third different UEFA Champions League soccer ball that I have purchased. The first two had the same problem of the point start falling off after about a year of play. So far, this ball has been okay, but seems like it will be worth the usual yearly replacement.”


Q: Is there any sort of a warranty or guarantee included with this product?

A: it comes with 2 years warranty.

Q: Where is this soccer ball best to be used at? Should it be used indoors or can it be used outdoors?

A: This particular soccer ball was specifically engineered for use on outdoor surfaces so it is highly encourage that you use this soccer ball outdoors and enjoy it that way.

Final Verdict

As I think you have probably been able to tell from the review and specifications that were discussed above, this soccer ball is truly one of the better options that you can find on the market. While it does have a hefty price tag, the features offered by this ball make up for it. I would highly recommend this product to anybody that is looking for a high-end, high-performance soccer ball. Overall,

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