Mourinho Must Drop Rooney

Why Mourinho Must Drop Rooney?

Wayne Rooney is regarded as one of the greatest English players to ever kick a ball. His speed, technique, vision and tenacity used to be matched by a few players in the world. Now Rooney appears to be lacking the skill that got him to the level he’s at today.

Football as we know it has undergone massive changes over the past couple of years, from the introduction of new fitness schedules to the inception of goal line technology.

Keeping up with the game’s new developments is one thing, but staying relevant in the football world is a different ball game. Legends at some point lose their flair and ability and are unable to compete at the highest level. That seems to be the case with Rooney at Manchester United.

Rooney is a part of Manchester United’s history; he’s had a stellar career at Old Trafford but at the moment he appears to be on the wane leaving many United fans keen on seeing someone else take his place in the lineup.

Being a top team with widespread appeal, Manchester United are undoubtedly supposed to challenge for titles on all fronts. But recent years have seen the Red Devils settling with a place outside of the top four and a sabbatical from the Champions League.

Rooney’s influence in the side has been minimal in the last few seasons. His waning performances have been detrimental to United’s chances of silverware. He bagged just 8 goals in 28 League games last season which is a testament to his decline.

Thus far, he’s played 6 games in the League while hitting the back of the net on one occasion and laying on two assists for his teammates. Rooney is evidently performing below par in his midfield role, and the fact remains that Manchester United is stocked with better alternatives.

In order to launch a viable title challenge, it’s quite clear to see that Rooney has to be left on the fringes. Having been an automatic pick in United’s first team lineup for a decade, the Englishman will have to settle with some appearances off the bench and starts in less important games.

Rooney’s history with the club shouldn’t hinder Mourinho’s judgement. Sentiments appear to have led Sam Allardyce to making Rooney his key midfield playmaker. He’s obviously not up to par with some players in the national team who play the same position for their respective clubs.

Rooney recently received some harsh words from Mourinho behind the scenes. Rooney had criticised the performances of his teammates at half-time during their loss to Manchester City a couple of weeks ago.

Following that incident, Mourinho allegedly had a private meeting with Rooney and told the England international that he cannot criticise other players when he’s putting in below-par performances himself.

That probably served as an eye opener for Rooney, regarding how uninfluential he’s been on the pitch along with his impending fall from the top of the pecking order.

Having been dropped for the game against Leicester, which United won with relative ease, Rooney appears to be losing his place in the first team, which is something a host of United fans have called for since the start of the season.

Despite Mourinho admitting that he dropped Rooney for specific tactical reasons against Leicester, there is currently an aura at Old Trafford which suggests that Rooney won’t be an important first team player anymore.

Uncertainty still looms around whether Rooney’s will be given a smaller role to play in the side, as with legends who face declines in the latter stages of their careers.

For the good of the Manchester United brand, it’s fair to say that Mourinho must drop Rooney and utilise him as a bit-part player.

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