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44 Best Soccer Blog You Must Follow For Season 16-17

Keeping up with news, reviews, highlights, and all related to soccer is not an easy job. One need to know where to get the best information. To help you out, we have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best soccer blogs that you can follow to quench your thirst for the beautiful game.

1-Multi-Categories Soccer Blog



101greatgoals blog website for best soccer blog

101Greatgoals, founded in 2006, is one of the most followed and one of the top soccer related website. This website focusses on two main categories: soccer videos and news. You can find all the latest goals, misses, footballer advertisements, news, soccer reviews and much more on this website

You can follow 101GreatGoals on Twitter @101greatgoals



Founded in 2006 by Ahmed Bilal, Soccerlens is another jack-of-all-trade soccer website. Here, you can find the latest news, videos, reviews, and opinions about the beautiful game. Also, if you are a budding writer you can share your articles with them on any topic related to soccer.

You can follow Soccerlens on twitter  @soccerlens



In the similar vein as Soccerlens, WorldSoccerTalk is a website created around the idea of providing an open platform to soccer fans around the world to share their thoughts and opinions on the various aspects of game. However, one difference between the two sites is that WorldSoccerTalk is open to soccer fans from around the globe, and not just Europe. Additionally, they have a podcast where they speak about the latest developments in the world of soccer.

You can follow WorldSoccerTalk on Twitter. @wsoccertalk

Just Football


Just-Football website is a "Galactico" among the football-news websites. They cover football news from all around the globe, from the non-league clubs to the major European clubs, from football in Zimbabwe to South American leagues- you will find everything on this website. You will find analytics, reviews, news, opinions and a lot of other stuff. You can also share your own opinions by writing articles on the website.

You can follow Just-Football on twitter @justfootball



Football 365 is one of largest soccer website in our list. Football365 provides news, review, live result, and diverse soccer-related stuff. You can rely on the website to provide you with the latest news as it is one of the main categories they focus on. They also have forums where you can share, discuss and debate soccer-related opinions.

You can follow Football365 on Twitter @​f365

2-Soccer Reviews and Opinion Blog


In bed With Maradona

We think that this is one of best soccer blog out there and every soccer fan must follow it. InBedWithMaradona is one of the biggest blogs that contains a lot of different views and opinions about football and everything related to it. They also publish a yearly review of best 100 rising soccer talents around the world​.

you can follow InBedWithMaradona on Twitter @inbedwimaradona


the football pink

​The Football Pink is a collection of writers and bloggers who bring their opinions, musings, observations and stories from all over the world to fans of ‘The Beautiful Game’. They also produce a quarterly print magazine

You cam follow Football Pink On twitter @TheFootballPink

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The Boot Room

the boot roon

The Boot Room is the next football blog site on our list. Here, you can find opinions about all the major European football leagues. From the English Premier League to the Spanish La Liga, from the German Bundesliga to the Champions League, and from Italian Serie A to French Ligue 1 – you can find your daily dose of European football news here.

You can follow The Boot Room on Twitter @tbrfootball


Proven Quality

Proven Quality is a football blog founded in February 2013. In this blog you can find anything related to football culture, absurdities from the game, some of the larger-than-life characters involved in the game and also a sprinkling of football news.

You can follow Proven Quality on Twitter @provenquality

3-Soccer Statistics and Data Blog



If you are searching for statistics and data from the world of soccer, ​then you need to check WhoScored. This website boasts of the most comprehensive statistics from the world of football. This website uses unique software to analysis data from each and every game.

You can get the latest statistics and data from their Twitter account @whoscored


stats bomb

StatsBomb provides a good mix of strong analysis of the game and smart statistics, for the benefit of all football fans. Here, you can find all that you need to help with for your analysis and review of games.

You can follow them on​ Twitter @StatsBomb

4-Soccer Tactics Blog


Zonalmarking Blog for best soccer blog

ZonalMarking blog is created to discuss and dissect tactics in modern football. This website discusses a number of games every week in detail. It can help you learn tactics of some of the best teams in the world.

You can follow them on Twitter through their account @zonal_marking


outside of the boot

Outside Of The Boot is another blog obsessed with the beautiful game. This website features in-depth tactical analysis, detailed scout reports, diverse team blogs, features like the best U-21 players with Talent Radar and interviews with experts of the game. It’s one of the best soccer blog out there and it is a must for fans who like to read about the tactical nuances of the game.

you can follow them on Twitter @​OOTB_football


licence to roam

Licence To Roam is another tactics-oriented blog. They write mainly on the on-field aspects of the game, with content related to tactics, as well as match, team, and player analysis.

you can follow Licence To Roam on Twitter @licencetoroam


The False 9

The False 9 is yet another good soccer blog which is devoted to the fascinating and intriguing world of tactics for an ordinary football fan. Although initially, it was strictly a Football Tactics-only website, but now they also serve video content, and features such as rough diamonds and etc.

you can follow them on Twitter @thefalse_9

5-Soccer Humor Blog

Off The Post

off the post

If you want to see the funny side of the game, then Off The Post is your go-to website. They bring the latest viral videos, news, Twitter trends to their fans.​

you can follow off the post on Twitter @offthepost


dirty tackle

Dirty Tackle is an award-winning football blog that was founded in 2008. It serves the latest viral football news to its readers. This blog successfully brings out the funny side of the game.

you can follow them on Twitter @BrooksDT

6-Soccer League Related News Blog


two handred %

TwoHundredPercent started its life in May 2006. It is a website about politics, culture, financials and history of football. They mainly focus on UK Soccer. You can find the latest news, history of clubs and other different stuff related to the game here. They also have podcasts where they discuss the different aspects of the game.

You can follow them on Twitter @twoht


Premiership Tlak

Premiership Talk is one of the leading sources of news and views on the English Premier League. On the website, you will find the latest Transfer news, videos, reviews and other stuff related to The Premier League. They also have a separate page where you will find the latest news about other leagues.

You can follow them on Twitter. @PremTalk


Bundesliga Fanatic best soccer blog related to Germany football

BundesligaFanatic is one of the best English website about German football. You can find anything related to German football from games review to news on this website. Articles include match reports, interviews, historic pieces, editorials, news updates, etc.


forza italia football-

If you want the latest news about the Italian football, then Forza Italian Football is your answer. This website brings the latest news, reviews and other features from Serie A and Serie B.

You can follow them on Twitter to be up to date with their latest post @serieaffc

Soccer By Ives


SBI soccer

This website is one of the top websites about football in the US. It covers all spectrums of football in the US, from college soccer to MLS Soccer. You will find all the related news and much more on this website.

You can follow them on twitter.@​SBISoccer


BENE foot best soccer website

BeNeFoot is the best English website about Belgian and Dutch football. You can find the latest news and reviews from those two leagues on this website. They also focus on the emerging young talent from both countries.

You can follow BeNeFoot on Twitter @BeNeFoot


Russian Football News

Russian Football news website was created by the supporters of Russian football from around the world. It covers different aspects of Russian football ranging from the Russian league to Russian footballers playing around the globe. It also focusses on the various European clubs with Russian owners.

You can follow them on Twitter @RusFootballNews


futbol grad

Futbolgrad is soccer blog that focuses on Eastern Europe and Central Asia football. You can find information about Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and many different countries in that region. Also, there are reviews of players from that region that feature in Europe best Leagues.

You can follow FutbolGrad on Twitter @futbolgradlive


the botafogo star

The Botafogo Star aims to provide quality and relevant coverage of Brazilian football in English.The site includes updates on the state championships, the Brasileirão, the Selecao, transfer news, scout reports, and anything else to do with Brazilian footballers playing in Brazil or abroad.

you can follow him on Twitter. @TheBotafogoStar

Pitaco Do Gringo

Pitaco do gringo

Pitaco Do Gringo is a Brazilian soccer blog. Created by Jon Cotterill to discuss and share news related to Brazilian league and Brazilian footballer. 

you can follow him on Twitter. @Pitacodogringo​

7-Soccer Team Related News Blog


Gunner Blog

if you are an Arsenal fan then this website is a most. one of best soccer blog related to Arsenal where you can find reviews and opinion regarding Arsenal games and transfer. The blog started in 2004 by one man and until today it's a one man blog. 

You can Follow GunnerBolg on Twitter @​gunnerblog


Arseblog one of best soccer blog related to arsenal

​ArseBlog is One Of best Arsenal related blog, where you can find news review and opinion. Also, they have a weekly Podcast where they speak about Arsenal. 

You can Follow them on Twitter to Be up-to-date @arseblog


this is anfield

This is Anfield one of oldest blog related to Liverpool Football Club started in 2001. You can find news reviews and opinion about Liverpool. They also have a forum where you can share your own opinion on their website and discuss Liverpool stuff.

You can follow them on Twitter @thisisanfield


Empire of the kop best soccer blog for Liverpool

EmpireOfTheKop is one of biggest and best soccer blog related to Liverpool football club news and reviews. what make it unique that any language is welcome to write on their website if you have an opinion related to Liverpool.

You can follow Empire Of The Kop on Twitter @empireofthekop


the republik of mancinoa best man united soccer blog

TheRepulikOfMancunia is one of best soccer blog related to Manchester Unites. The Website that started off as a few posts every few weeks developed into a much more regular red news site, combining opinionated articles, discussions with rival fans, videos, jokes and the latest stories from Old Trafford.They also have an App and Forums where you can discuss and share your own opinion. 

You can follow them on Twitter @r_o_m

Man United Devils​

Man united devils

Man United Devils offers a mixture of breaking news coverage along with instant opinion, all in the same place. Features include match previews and reports along with transfer and general player news.

You can follow Man United Devils on Twitter @manunitedblog


Chelsea Daft

A Chelsea Fans Blog for was created at the beginning of March 2009. You can find news, reviews, opinion, rumours and everything related to Chelsea football club. You even can share your review and opinion and write with them. 

​You can follow them on Twitter @chelseadaft



one of biggest Manchester City Blog. You can find anything related to Man City, from news to transfer rumors, from Podcast to opinion and reviews. They also have forums where you can share your voice about Manchester City. 

You can follow them on Twitter @​bluemoon_mcfc


Rossoneri Blog best soccer website

If you are an AC Milan Fan that this blog is a most. Rossoneri Blog is an AC Milan Related news Blog, where you will find news, reviews and other stuff related to AC Milan. 

​You can Follow Rossoneri Blog on Twitter @RossoneriBlog



If you are an Intermilano fan then this blog is a most. SempreInter Share news about Intermilano. You can Find reviews,news,opinion and a lot of other stuff related to Intermilano 

You can follow Sempre Inter on Twitter @SempreIntercom



NUFCblog is best soccer blog for Newcastle Untied fans. you can find news related to Newcastle United and reviews. Also, you can discuss and share your own opinion with them. If you are a Newcastle fan then you should follow them. 

You can follow them on Twitter @NUFCblogcouk

8-Other Blogs

The Swiss Ramble


the swiss ramble

Website created by an Arsenal Fan. The Swiss Ramble is a Financial focus blog. You can find all about clubs financial and their power to buy and pay players salary. One of best soccer blog out there that discusses in details the income sheet of each club.

you can Follow The Swiss Ramble on twitter. @SwissRamble

Football Economy

Football economy

Football Economy is composed of a series of articles about the government, culture and finances of Football. run by a Charlton Athletic fan Wyn Grant. He writes about club financial deals, shirt sponsors income and other financial related stuff 

Soccer Tickets Online

soccer ticket online
Soccer Tickets Online is a US Soccer website that offers tickets for sale to soccer games through a network of ticket brokers. They also share news about world soccer and videos.

Game of The People

game of the people

Game of the People looks at football in all corners of the world. We’re not just interested in who scored what and when, but we like to feature content about the history, the culture, the politics and the finance of the beautiful game.

You can follow Game of People on Twitter @GameofthePeople

Beyond The Last Man

beyond the last man

If you are searching for soccer history then this is the place to be. Beyond the Last Man is one of best soccer blog for the history of football. They are more focus on the period of the 1960s to 1980s where football was changing from amateurism to professional that we see it today.

You can follow Beyond the Last Man on twitter to be up-to-date with their latest posts @BeyondTLM


goalden times

If you are searching for a History info to anything related to soccer then you need to check this website Goalden Times. you can find from chants history to some areas soccer history, from player to coach and meny other soccer related articles.

you can follow Goalden Times on Twitter @goaldentimes

Final Verdict

This list of Best Soccer Blog contains some of best contributor in the twitter world that share information and news. Also by following them you will get all the news and opinion and even gain experience in soccer tactics, history and a lot of stuff that is related to soccer. You Can Follow Us on Twitter @MySoccerHQ

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