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We are always looking for new writers! If you are passionate about Soccer(football) and Sport and can turn a beautiful phrase, then you are welcome to write for us. We like to publish in-depth articles about football culture, opinion and review, tactics, the European game and world football – and we are always open to submissions and suggestions. Also, We accept all opinion even if we are against it. 

Whether you’re a professional football journalist, a freelancer or a blogger looking for a wider audience, there’s always something for you here.To write for our site you do not need any qualifications, all you need is Soccer (football) knowledge.

Please bear in mind, each article should be approved by our editorial team before it publishes.​

Writing Guidance :

  • Minimum of 800 words articles.
  • Each article most be unique.
  • No grammar mistake.
  • Contain at least one picture.

If you like to join us or have question just send us email to info@mysoccerhq.com​.

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