Adidas miCoach Smart Soccer Ball review

Adidas miCoach Smart Soccer Ball Reviews


The Adidas miCoach Smart Soccer Ball is an advanced training tool that will help you tighten up your kicking technique so that you can place the ball exactly where you want to, every time you kick it. At very least, you can analyze the data that the ball records so that you can get more consistent with your ball placement.

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Introduction to the Adidas miCoach Smart Soccer Ball Reviews

Adidas miCoach Ball

If you are a soccer player, you know how critical it is that you can dial in your kicks with how you want the ball to fly after you make contact. Getting the ball to do exactly what you want it to isn’t always the easiest thing though, and there are a lot of variables at hand that can make it really difficult to be consistent with your kicks.

So how can you get more consistent with your kicking?

The Adidas miCoach Smart Soccer Ball is the solution to finding consistency in your kicking and playing. The Adidas miCoach Smart Soccer Ball is a high tech ball that records the data from your kicks, and beams that information straight to your smartphone so you can analyze it. If you need a better tool to get more out of your kicking, check out this review of the Adidas miCoach Smart Soccer Ball.


  • Records your kick data including power, spin, impact, and trajectory
  • Ball connects directly to your smartphone, via bluetooth
  • The app for the smart soccer ball is free, and available for both iPhone and Android
  • The app offers coaching tips and advice based on your kick data
  • Only needs an hour on the charger to reach a full charge
  • The battery can record 2,000 kicks, and can be on standby for one week


  • Kind of expensive
  • Some of the data can be tough to interpret
  • The software seems to be a good beta, but it it isn’t quite there yet in terms of perfecting the software or hardware
  • The ball only works at recording data if it is kicked from a completely still position

Who is the Adidas miCoach Smart Soccer Ball for?

This soccer ball is really for anyone who is looking to get a little more of a competitive edge in match or scrimmage play. The Adidas miCoach Smart Soccer Ball gives you an array of data that will help you place your kicks better, which makes it great for anyone who plays soccer competitively. Whether you are an adult playing in a seasonal league or pickup games, or you want to get this for your kid who is taking their soccer playing seriously, this ball would be great for you.

Key Features

Adidas miCoach Soccer Ball

The key features of this product are that it comes with built in sensors that record your kick data so that you can get better at placing your kicks. The ball records the kick data and sends it directly to your smartphone over bluetooth so that you can analyze the strike, trajectory, spin, and power of your kicks. This ball gets a full charge in one hour, and you can record 2,000 kicks on a full battery, so that you don’t have to worry about charging it that frequently.

Customer Reviews

Overall, customers seemed to be fairly pleased with their success in using this unique smart ball as a coaching tool. The ball is made of super high quality materials and the data recorded by the ball seems to be really accurate. Customers were really pleased that you don’t have to make an additional purchase for the app that is integrated with this ball. The app is totally free in the iPhone and Android application store. The only complaints seemed to be that this ball was only able to record the data of kicks that were made from a completely still ball, meaning that you can’t record accurate data from a kick after you dribble the ball.

The drawbacks that customers noted were that it was quite expensive, and that there was no off switch for the sensor in the ball. So whether you are using the ball or it is just sitting in the corner, the battery will drain out in about a week.

FAQ & Additional Tips

Adidas miCoach Smart soccer Ball

The ball has a one year warranty, which is really great since the ball is high tech and could potentially have issues with the sensor. The ball should not be kicked from the stand. The stand is for charging only. This smart ball should not be used to practice goalie kicks, because that involves putting the ball in motion before the kick, which will skew the data that it records. This smart ball is activated and starts recording once it is kicked.

Otherwise, this ball seems like a really nice training tool if you are interested in dialing in your kicks and placing them better on the field.

Final thoughts on Smart Soccer Ball Reviews

Overall, this ball is a solid choice for improving your place kicks, though this product is very much still in the beta phase of its lifespan. We are looking forward to see the strides that Adidas makes with this smart soccer ball over the coming years.

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