nike ordem 4 match ball review

The Nike Ordem 4 Match Ball Review


When it comes to quality performance soccer balls out there, the Nike Ordem 4 Match Ball is a solid standard to compare the rest by. This ball is top-tier when it comes to competitive, professional grade soccer balls. This match quality soccer ball is not only built for pro performance, it is a gorgeous addition to the leagues that it represents.

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Overview of The Nike Ordem 4

The Nike Ordem 4 official match ball comes in several different varieties that you can enjoy, for each of the separate soccer leagues that Nike supports.

The soccer ball itself has really unique, artistic touches for each of the different versions that they represent. The Nike Ordem 4 comes in these versions

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The basic designs of the Nike Ordem 1, 2, and 3 were all relatively similar to one another, in terms of design and performance. They differed mostly in the aesthetic and artistic side of the ball.

With the Ordem 4, Nike has made some modifications to the look, feel, and the performance of their latest addition. It has a synthetic leather casing like most soccer balls, and appears to come only in a size 5, which is standard for the 12 and up age group. It does have a slow motion paint job, that Nike gave it so that it would look like it is spinning in slow motion when it is flying through the air.

Pros and Cons for Nike Ordem 4​

Pros for the Nike Ordem 4

  • Cool exterior design
  • New bladder technology
  • Airflow technology for a straighter flight path and trajectory

Cons for the Nike Ordem 4

  • Expensive to play with
  • Plays only slightly differently for practice balls

One of the things they have changed about the Ordem 4 in terms of performance is the texturing on the surface of the ball. Dots that vary in size, cover each of the balls, except for the La Liga version which is textured with miniature stars. These may change how your foot grips the ball and how the ball carries after impact.

The other significant changes that Nike has made are the bladders of the Nike Ordem 4 balls. The bladder of a soccer ball is what distinguishes a high-end ball from a low-end ball. The Ordem 1, 2, and 3 had more of an inflated and firm feel. The Ordem 4 has more of a responsive, forgiving feel to it when you kick the ball. It is a standard 12-pound ball.

The ball features your standard 12-panel design, with a pentagon on each of the panels and aero track grooves within the pentagons, which govern the airflow and trajectory of the ball. This is what makes the flight path of a kicked Nike Ordem 4 soccer ball, more predictable and less erratic.

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Each one of the models of these balls are Fifa approved and have the Fifa stamp of approval. These are the exact balls that are going to be used for match play by the pros in each of their respective leagues.

This ball is really great for any major soccer fan and can be used for decoration or play. Whether you are planning on going to some matches this season to get the Ordem 4 signed by some of your favorite players, or you want to kick it around the yard with your friends and family, this high-grade soccer ball can meet your needs.

The biggest plus to the Nike Ordem 4 is that this is genuinely the ball that the pros use, not a replica or a look-alike. It’s going to play and perform better than practice balls, which you would be able to find for a cheaper price. The flight path of the ball is straightforward and a little more predictable than your average practice soccer ball, which is another benefit for the serious athlete.

Customer Reviews

“Based on what I’ve seen, It seems that there isn’t that much of a difference in the slow-motion paint and how the ball spins.”

“The interior of the ball makes for a little bit stranger of a feel on kicks, but it seems like it’s easier for the ball to carry further after I kick it.”

“Unlike any ball that I have ever played with. Definitely get this if you want to feel like you are playing with the pros.”

Summing it Up

The biggest drawback or benefit, depending on who you are, is the new bladder that the Nike Ordem 4 houses. If you are a serious soccer player and really like the firmness that the Nike Ordem 1, 2, or 3 provided, this is going to be a change for you. The forgiving nature of this ball could change the contact your foot has with the ball, and could potentially affect the flight path, speed, and trajectory of it. At very least, it may feel a little different to you.

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If you just need a ball for kicking around in the yard with your friends, and you don’t have the budget to splurge for a professionally used, match soccer ball, you may just want to go with a Nike practice ball or a practice ball alternative.

Final Thoughts on the Nike Ordem 4

If you are a huge fan of soccer and a pro ball is in your budget, the Nike Pro Ordem 4 would be a nice addition to your collection. You can use this ball for display in your home, get it signed by your favorite pros, or kick it around in the yard with your friends. If you are just planning on getting a playing around in the yard and are worried about getting it scuffed up, you may want to opt for a less-expensive, quality practice ball from Nike or their competitors.

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