Real Madrid defeats Sevilla

Real Madrid defeats Sevilla in thriller ending match

Spanish derby on the far north of the Europe ended by Real Madrid side winning in thriller end. This was everything, but arid game, as we saw five goals, two comebacks, red card, penalty and two last minute goals !!! For those fans who were in Trondheim on this rainy night, this was a classical football beauty.

Real Madrid came back from the dead and with two last minute goals, after extra-times won European Super Cup, by defeating Sevilla 3:2 (2:2). It was an interesting game in which Real Madrid deserved to win, due to dominant performance during most of the match. Sevilla played defensively, primarily trying to slow down the tempo of the match and keep their own goal. The duel between two coaches ended in favor of the younger one.

First Half

Zinedine Zidane pretty much surprised his colleague from Sevilla Sampaoli, with starting lineup. Asensio, Lucas Vasques, and Kovacic were on the pitch and in the opening minutes of the match these three players with Casemiro dominated the midfield exchanging short passes between themselves and with quick dribblings easily escaping their guards. Sampaoli set up densified and tight formation with an accent on defense, and waiting for the counter-attack. Danny Carvajal was very offensive on his right side and he had many crosses on the wing. Sevilla was very defensive, with no idea in the midfield, very slow and without any player to breakthrough Real defensive midfielders.

Sergio Ramos header was blocked after the corner in the 8th minute. Quickly , the pressure of Real Madrid made some results. After 10. minute they were leading. Asensio scored the beautiful goal , striking the ball from over twenty-five meters and putting the ball in the top left corner of the goal. Sergio Rico just stared at the ball, which was flying into his net.

Sevilla had more possession of the ball, but no chance was made and their first shot at opponents goal was in the 30th minute by Carrico, but it was weak shot and easy prey for Casilla. And then in the 41st minute, from nowhere Sevilla equalized with Franco Vasquez shot from inside the box, on the left side, putting the ball in Casilla opposite side of the net. Quickly after Isco had a chance to score, with an excellent header but Rico reacted extremely good and saved the goal.

Second Half 

The second half started with caution from both sides, with protecting the own goal and waiting for another side to make a mistake. Substitutions were made but tempo slowed down until the 70th minute when the penalty was awarded for Sevilla after Sergio Ramos clumsy intervention in the box when he tried to stop Vitolo and tripped him. Vitolo cunningly used this situation and grazed Ramos leg after which he felt inside the box and instantly Mazic pointed at penalty kick spot . Konoplyanka scored very elegantly and brought advantage to Sevilla by sending the ball to right side of Casilla's net.

After that, Sampaoli's team tried to slow down tempo , with often players delaying play and lying on the ground after duels. And this was obvious. As the time passed Real Madrid made more pressure on the defensive line in front of Rico and in some occasions seven players were inside box defending. Real tried to push forward with the tactic that based on flanks and Benzema who came in was the target man in the box, or he tried to pull defenders to follow him, leaving blank space for some of the Real offensive players to run into.

In the 80th minute, the best player of this match Carvajal had a chance to score, after he made a good run and shot from the side but directly in Sergio Rico. Pressure grew as 90th minute was approaching and in injury time in the last, 94th minute, Sergio Ramos was alone in front of the goal and he scored an easy header after Lucas Vasquez assisted him from the right side. That made huge impulse in Real Madrid's game and for his players in extra-time.

Extra Time​

In the opening minutes of the first extra-time Timothee Kolodzieczak made a bad foul and received a second yellow card and Sevilla was left with ten players on the field. This was the crucial moment of the match because after that Real dominated the game, the confidence of the whole team rose up and they pressured even more. Chances were made in series in 101st minute Sergio Ramos scored but it was disallowed by Mazic, 108th Rodriguez, 110th Lucas, 115th Rodriguez all of them were amazingly saved by Rico who was by far the best player in Sevilla.

And then when everyone thought penalty kicks are near Danny Carvajal made his show, when he stormed down the right flank, cut into the middle, made his way trough defense, inside the box and with the outside of his right foot put the ball in the left corner of Rico's goal. Absolutely magnificent performance by the right wing-back of Real Madrid.

A nearly minute after that Milorad Mazic blew his whistle and celebration started. Referee Mazic with his team did a great job, not influencing the game in any way, with no wrong calls and decisions.

Real Madrid defeated Sevilla for the second time in history in Super Cup and Sevilla lost their fourth final.

Man of the match:

Danny Carvajal

Yellow cards:

Carvajal, Asensio, Rodriguez (Real Madrid)

Vitolo, Kolodzieczak (Sevilla)

Red cards:

Kolodzieczak (Sevilla)

Player ratings

Real Madrid

Casilla 7

Marcelo 7

Sergio Ramos 7

Varane 7

Carvajal 8,5

Kovacic 6,5(sub 73.min)

Casemiro 7

Isco 6.5 (sub 66. min)

Lucas Vasques 7,5

Asensio 8

Morata 6.5(62. min)


Rodriguez (73. min) 7

Modric(66.min) 6,5

Benzema (62.min) 7


Sergio Rico 8

Kolodzieczak 5.5

Carrico 6,5 (sub 51.)

Pareja 6,5

Franco Vasquez 7,5

Iborra 7 (sub 74. min)

Nzonzi 6,5

Kiyotake 6

Vitolo 7,5

Vietto 6,5 (sub 67.min)

Mariano 7


Rami (51. min) 6,5

Kranevitter (74 min) 6.5

Konoplyanka (67 min) 7


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