Zlatan Ibrahimovic off to la galaxy

Zlatan Ibrahimović will be better off at LA Galaxy

Zlatan Ibrahimović has proved everyone wrong since joining Manchester United last summer. The 35-year-old Swede has been in monstrous form for Manchester United so far this season. Ibrahimović joined Manchester United for free, on a one-year contract. Even though his contract has the option of another one-year extension, it meant that his future would come under scrutiny at the end of the season and it certainly has.

Two big options for Zlatan Ibrahimović

Zlatan Ibrahimović is gradually carving a niche for himself in England as he said he would. He’s already scored goals that helped Manchester United win two trophies and is still gearing to score more. In the next couple of months, he must make the decision of his next logical career path. Let’s make a brief analysis of the options available to Ibrahimović.

#1. Manchester United

Like I said earlier, Zlatan Ibrahimović has the option of a one-year extension to his Manchester United contract. This is an option the former PSG striker can explore. He's already a fans favorite at Manchester United, and they would certainly love to see him stay. He might be tempted to stay, if Manchester United win more trophies, such as the FA Cup, the Europa League and of course qualify for the UEFA Champions League; but that’s a big IF! Whatever the case, we’ve come to know Zlatan Ibrahimović to be a man who loves taking on any big challenge, and this might be the reason for him to stay on at Old Trafford.

On the flip side, remaining with Manchester United might not turn out to be as palatable for him as is the case this season. He’ll be 36 next term, and no matter how robust and skilled he is, playing and doing well at such a top level at his age can certainly not be sustained. There’s also the case of Marcos Rashford who desperately needs more playing time to save his young career; it’s clear that Zlatan Ibrahimović’s presence at the club has massively hindered his development. So, it would be best for everyone if Zlatan Ibrahimović calls it quits with the hustle and bustle of the Premier League even though he has the option of staying.

#2. LA Galaxy

Welcome to the United States of America! God’s country. A country that’s never boring and one with more football/soccer followers than most people give credit. In the Major League Soccer (America’s elite football league), is a team widely known as LA Galaxy or Los Angeles Galaxy, whichever you prefer. By my reckoning, LA Galaxy is amongst the most successful soccer teams in the US of A.

The interesting story is that LA Galaxy wants Zlatan Ibrahimović and are willing to make history by signing him. Zlatan Ibrahimović has the tempting option of jetting to Los Angeles and signing for the Galaxy.

Former LA Galaxy General manager, Alexi Lalas, came out a few days ago to confirm that the Galaxy have initiated contact with Zlatan Ibrahimović over a possible transfer.

Alexi Lalas was quoted by BBC Radio 5 Live as saying:

"There have been conversations and, I think, a relationship for some time regarding this possible move,”

When David Beckham joined LA Galaxy in 2007, he dramatically changed the fortunes of the club and instantly became an MLS icon and a proud asset of the Galaxy. Zlatan Ibrahimović could be next.

Why Ibrahimović should move to America and play for the Galaxy

The MLS is a league that is developing exponentially and is regularly attracting some of the world best talents. The Brazilian midfielder, Kaka is currently plying his trade in the MLS and is the best-paid player in the division. Big names from the Premier League, such as Frank Lampard and Steven Gerard both had played in the MLS before they quit football – Zlatan Ibrahimović can toe their path.

Here are a few reasons why Zlatan Ibrahimović will enjoy his time at LA Galaxy if he makes the move.

#1. The opportunity to be an MLS icon

When David Beckham joined LA Galaxy in 2007, he instantly became an MLS icon. The media frenzy that accompanied his transfer, reverberated around the world. LA Galaxy is offering Zlatan Ibrahimović that same opportunity.

Beckham was 32 when he got that offer and he took it gladly. Zlatan Ibrahimović will be getting that same opportunity at the age of 36. There was never a better reason to travel to America.

#2. The opportunity to earn top dollar

Bringing another MLS icon to America won’t come cheap for the Galaxy, but they’re ready to cough out the green bills. Zlatan Ibrahimović could easily be raking in as much as $25 million dollars per year with the Galaxy which would make him the best-paid player in MLS history. LA Galaxy is certainly poised to show Zlatan Ibrahimović the money.

#3. The chance t0 step away from the pressure of European football

The rigorous nature of European football cannot be overemphasized. Players are subjected to play as much as 40, 50 games or more in a season. This can quickly wear down any human being, including Zlatan Ibrahimović, who is already 35.

At the Galaxy, he can get the much-needed laxation his tight muscles are craving while enjoying the sunny beaches and put his foot up.

Do you think the time is right for Zlatan Ibrahimović to move away from Europe and come to the MLS finally? Let me know in the comments section.

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