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Tottenham’s Inactivity In the Transfer Market: What Is The Consequence?

Mauricio Pochettino has built a strong and enviable team at Tottenham Hotspur, one that is full of players of the highest quality. With the calibre of players at Pochettino’s disposal, he knows his team will be top challengers when the Premier League kicks off in August. However, Spurs have been overly inactive in the transfer market and they could pay dearly for it.

It’s easy to say Tottenham do not need any new additions to their squad. Mauricio Pochettino has bred a legion of superstars who the club can only be happy to keep. Many would argue that few players in the Premier League possess the talent to break into the Tottenham’s starting eleven.

Spurs fans can be largely optimistic following what their team has achieved over the past couple of years. They haven’t conquered the Premier League yet, but they have come pretty close in their last two attempts. Regardless, it’ll still be naïve to think that this Spurs team is perfect and needs no strengthening.

Tottenham chairman, Daniel Levy has taken a stance that Spurs will not join the frivolous spending spree of Premier League teams, championed by Manchester City. The Lillywhites are opting to rely on academy graduates for squad depth. The likes of Joshua Onomah, Walker-Peters, Harry Winks, Anthony Georgiou, Tashan Oakley-Boothe and a few others youngsters are currently having their legs thoroughly tested in Spurs preseason tour of the United States. However, this in itself is a risk that almost every Spurs fan is turning a blind eye to.

It’s a fact that, Spurs have Premier League top-scorer, Harry Kane in their ranks; phenomenal Dele Alli, pacey Son Heung-Min, witty Christian Eriksen are a select few of the highly gifted players that adorn the Tottenham jersey. Still, you can’t bank on a bunch of five or six players to give you, say, the Premier League title – you need a bigger squad, one with quality running deep.

Considering the fact that the North London side will be competing actively on four fronts next season, there will be a considerably higher number of games to be played. Then comes the Champions League. Spurs might be a bully in the Premier League, but the Champions League presents a different kettle of fish. How on earth can Spurs realistically compete favorably against Europe’s elites with Academy graduates as the backup?

Last season was an absolute disaster for the Lillywhites in Europe – getting booted out in the early stages of both the Champions League and Europa League showed just how much Spurs lacked quality in-depth.

Spurs fans shouldn’t be deceived into believing that their team has a backup for Harry Kane, they don’t. Vincent Jansen is an absolute waste of money, he simply doesn’t fit into Tottenham’s style of play. Players like Dele Alli, Christian Ericksen and Son Heung-Min who make things happen in the Spurs attack do not have a backup. Erik Lamela would need time to fully become the player he once was; that prolonged spell on the sideline did his career no good. Moussa Sissoko doesn’t cut it either.

With no auxiliary for the regular starting xi, Daniel Levy still thinks it’s wise to spend £0 in the transfer market while scouting players that can be scooped on the cheap.

Perhaps, Levy and Poch need a reminder that in over 55 years, Spurs have not won a league title, they’ve not won a trophy since they beat Chelsea to the league cup in 2008. Is the stage being set for the trend to continue? The Lillywhites have done well to keep hold of their best players, but that isn’t enough. The consequence of not making any marquee signing will be another trophy-less campaign.

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