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The Race to Avoid Relegation rages on in the Premier League

Just seven games left to play in the Premier League now. The contenders have long been identified and the outsiders and pretenders all sorted out. However, there’s a major battle we can’t ignore. I’m referring to the fight to avoid getting relegated between the bottom clubs. The Premier League survival that means so much.

The largess that each Premier League team gets is enough to kill for. Every Premier League team is boosted with a £55 million windfall at the start of the season. Most of these teams make over £100 million at the end of the season, just by remaining in the Premier League. So you can quite understand why the battle for Premier League survival is one that always goes down to the wire.

The race to reach 40 points for Premier League survival

The Premier League, since it was renamed to be so in the 1991-92 season has been designed to have the three bottom teams in the league sent down to the lower division. The fear of relegation is usually a driving force for teams who do not have the financial muscle to compete with the bigger teams. This is one fact that makes the Premier League one of the most interesting and keenly contested football league in Europe.

Overall performance during the season usually determines where a team finishes at the end of the campaign. This is the case in every league, not just the Premier League. However, in the Premier League, 40 points are the benchmark number of points needed for survival. With exception to the 1992-1993 season and the 2002-2003, when Crystal Palace and West Ham got relegated despite amassing 42 points, no team has ever been relegated after reaching 40 points.

A look at the Premier League table shows that the duo of Southampton and Watford are both seated at ninth and tenth respectively with 37 points. This tells you that any team that reaches 40 points, has certainly won the race for Premier League survival. This season, three teams will again, sink to the EFL Championship, for their failure to reach 40 points.

With seven games still to play, it’s a fact that all of the relegation-threatened teams can yet reach 40 points if they can win all their remaining games. However, that’s a big impossibility.

Sunderland has all but lost out in the race for Premier League survival

Sunderland will once again require a miracle to avoid getting relegated. The Black Cats were in a similar situation last season. However, after sacking Matteo Di Canio, Sam Allardyce stepped in and helped them avoid the drop. On this occasion, David Moyes is struggling to better Sam Allardyce. The Scotsman looks bereft of ideas as he tinkers a team who can’t get themselves off the bottom of the league.

Sunderland’s chances of staying on in the Premier League for at least another season is growing slimmer by the day. After thirty games, the Black Cats have won just five times and drawn as many times. David Moyes’s men have suffered twenty defeats; one more than any other team in the Premier League.

Miracles are not guaranteed to happen twice, and one should be grateful if it happens at all. Sunderland were gifted a Premier League position last season and they’ve blown their chance this time. Hello Championship?

Mathematically they can still reach 40 points. But I can’t think of a more difficult uphill task. The stats show that Sunderland are the worst team in the league and it’s unlikely they’ll change that anytime soon.

Middlesbrough is sinking fast

Middlesbrough is likely to be headed back to the EFL Championship if they don’t do something fast concerning their current form. Boro has not won a game this year and their last win dates back to mid-December. Former Middlesbrough manager, Aitor Karanka got the axe for failing to change their fortunes. Ex-Sunderland player, Steve Agnew was appointed as caretaker manager, still, Boro is yet to win in thirteen games.
Middlesbrough desperately needs to mount a resurgence if they are to stand any chance of winning the race for Premier League survival.

Swansea, Hull and Crystal Palace to fight it to the finish

Hull City have crawled out of the relegation zone and are now two points ahead of Swansea in 17th; thanks to Marco Silva. However, they will race for Premier League survival with Swansea and Crystal Palace. Swansea is right behind them and Crystal Palace is one point ahead in 16th.

None of these teams can afford to slip up at this point. As the race for survival heats up, we’ll be taking a front row seat to watch the drama unfold.

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