Premier League Team Kits

Premier League Team Kits for 16-17 Season

The new season is under way and here is our review of the team kits in the Premier League.


Arsenal Home Kits Review
Arsenal Away Kits Review
Arsenal third Hits Review

Last season’s runners-up will wear their traditional red and white jerseys this season, accompanied by white shorts and red socks. A red stripe travels down the front of the shirt for no apparent reason.

The away and third kits have gone down well with supporters. Yellow and blue for the second jersey, with a stunning blue and neon yellow jersey for the third kit have given the Gunners a stylish set of strips for next season.


Bournemouth Home Kits Review
Bournemouth Away Kits Review
Bournemouth Third Kits Review

The Cherries have a new iteration of their red and black stripes this season. Four evenly black stripes down the front and back of the jersey finished with red sleeves. Black shorts with red accents and similarly coloured socks complete the kit.

Bournemouth’s away kit is sky blue with tonal vertical stripes. Darker blue trim and sleeves meet shorts of the same colour. Blue socks with a white band finish the design. The third strip is one we hope never to see. It’s an awful ‘ghost green’ and black combo; the shirt is vivid if we’re polite, whilst the shorts and socks are black with the hideous green trim.


Burnley Home kits Review
Burnley Away kits Review

Claret and blue are the order of the day. Traditional Burnley colours of claret with tonal stripes on the jersey, with sky blue trim. A retro winged collar gives the jersey a hint of the 1970s with white shorts and socks.

On their travels, the jersey is sky blue with claret trim are paired with navy blue shorts and socks, both with claret trim.


Chelsea Home Kits Review
Chelsea Away Kits Review
Chelsea Third kits review

The final kits made for Chelsea by Adidas before they move to Nike, haven’t been well received. The home jersey in the traditional royal blue was ridiculed by supporters for the lion imprints on the shirt body. Several people likened the kit to a pair of pyjamas.

Away from Stamford Bridge, they will wear a black and granite hooped jersey with black shorts whilst their third strip is all white with pale grey lion patterns on each sleeve.


Crystal Palace home Kits review
Crystal Palace away Kits review

The Eagles have changed their usual home team kits, expanding the blue stripe on the jersey to cover the middle of the shirt. The sides and sleeves are red. Shorts are blue whilst the socks are red and blue stripes. It will have Alan Pardew dancing another jig on the touchline.

For their away kit, Palace have an all-yellow kit. Running from the left shoulder to right hem is a sash formed of a red and a blue stripe.


everton home kits Review
everton away kit-s review

Everton have gone for a simple home kit and questionable taste for their alternative kit.

The traditional blue home jersey comes with white trim and in a nod toward their successful 1960s sides, a yellow accent on the sleeves. White shorts and socks with blue and yellow accents, complete the kit.

Pink was a popular colour for kits in the 19th Century; now it’s a colour of ridicule so Everton fans will grateful the away kit comes with just a splash of Salmon on the jersey collar and socks. The rest of the kit is black.


Hull City Home Kits Review
hull city away kits review

The Tigers are a shambles off the pitch but at least they have been able to issue their kits for the coming season.

At the KCOM Stadium, thick amber and black stripes on the jersey are the order of the day. Completed with white trim, the collar is an unusual y-shape. Black shorts and amber socks with black accents finish the kit.

When they leave the banks of the Humber, Hull will wear an imaginative all-black kit with amber trim on the shirt and socks.


Leicester city Home kits review
Leicester city away kits review
Leicester city third kits review

Premier League champions for the first time last season, Leicester City have opted for one colour designs across their kit range. Home sees the all-blue kit accompanied by gold accents in recognition of their title triumph.

Away from the King Power, an all-red kit, based on the cultural leanings of their Thai owners, features tonal patterns across the shoulders and chest whilst the third kit is all-white with blue accents.


liverpool Home kits Review
liverpool away kits Review
liverpool Third kits Review

Nothing but all-red for Merseyside’s premier club. This year, New Balance has issued a shirt with tonal red bands across the front of the jersey. Red shorts and socks finish the iconic kit.

Away from Anfield, a frequent sight will be the all-black away kit with silver accents. Let’s hope it’s seen more frequently than one of the worst designs in Premier League kit history. The Liverpool third kit is a violently garish green with black chest and sleeves. It’s not this season’s worst kit though…


manchester city away kits review
manchester city away kits review

Nike continues the template seen in this summer’s international tournaments with club kits in the new season. City have an all-blue home strip for the first time in their history, completed with darker blue ribbed sleeves and shoulders, and lighter socks. It sounds better than it looks.

If the home kit is a disaster, City gets full marks for their stylish away kit. The shirt body is black, as are the shorts. The sleeves and shoulders are burgundy in a ribbed pattern whilst the socks are neon yellow in a colourful combination

If the leaked images are correct, their yet-to-be-released third kit will be red in a similar pattern to the away kit, with darker red sleeves and socks.


Manchester United Home Kits Review
manchester United away kits review
manchester United Third kits review

Anything other than a red home jersey would be unacceptable to the Old Trafford faithful. This season, Adidas has issued a tonal shirt with dark and light shaded halves with alternate shaded sleeves. Down the centre of the top is a honeycomb patterned stripe. No-one knows why.

The award for worst away kit gave Jose Mourinho his first trophy. Quite simply it’s an awful blue patterned shirt, clearly designed for the casual market rather than a football pitch. It’s paired with darker blue shorts and patterned blue socks.

The third strip is white with a curious mix of grey and black accompaniments. Across the sleeves is black honeycombs but instead of the expected black shorts, they are grey. Finished with white socks, it’s a hotchpotch kit.


middlesboro Home Kits Review
middlesboro Away Kits Review

Returning to the Premier League, Middlesbrough have an interesting jersey design. The majority of the body is red but across the lower third of the jersey is an angled white and blue sash, best described as an askew cummerbund. White shorts and red socks complete a unique design.

The away strip is ‘Night indigo’ with ‘bright cyan’ patterns, accents and socks. The jersey features tonal cyan chevrons across the chest with Adidas Three Stripes down the side of the shirt. ‘Night indigo’ shorts finish the kit.


Southampton Home kits review
Southampton away kits review

The Saints are sinners with their home kit. It’s an awful mish-mash not that Southampton fans are surprised by that; they have form in this area.

Red and white stripes cover the bottom two-thirds of the jersey meet a white panel across the chest. Red sleeves finish the shirt design, with black shorts and red and white hooped socks.

The away strip follows a similar template. The body of the jersey and the sleeves are black with a grey chest panel. Grey shorts are matched with black and grey socks.

What were Under Armour smoking when they came up with this one?


stoke city Home kits review
stoke city away kits review

There’s something reassuring about Stoke City’s home strip this season. The red and white stripes are traditional in design. Evenly spaced across front, back and sleeves; it’s a proper football shirt. Keeping the flame of the past flickering, the Potters have white shorts and socks.

Away from the Potteries, Stoke have a light blue away kit, not dissimilar from the ones they wore in the 1980s. A simple design with minimal white accents, the kit comes with light blue shorts and socks.


Sunderland Home kits review
Sunderland Away kits review

If it’s Wearside, it must be red and white stripes. A traditional Adidas designed strip with the jersey body the expected stripes, accompanied by red sleeves. Black shorts and red socks finish off a stylish interpretation of the usual Sunderland pattern.

On their travels, the Black Cat have a fine white kit with the jersey featuring a fading blue sash. The shoulders are patterned with blue accents.

The Sunderland players will be hoping for no colour clashes which need the third kit. It’s just appalling; purple and pink together in a jersey which ought to need a licence to wear. Merging into purple shorts and socks offers no saving grace.


Swansea away Kits Review
Swansea away Kits Review

If there was an award for a simple home kit, Swansea would win it. It’s all-white with minimal black trim from Spanish kit manufacturer Joma. Imaginatively, they’ve added the option of black shorts and socks to the white home jersey, and called it a third kit.

The away kit is turquoise and navy. The jersey features a turquoise chest and shoulders morphing in to a navy bottom third of the shirt and shorts. The socks are turquoise.


tottenham hotspur Home Kits Review
tottenham hotspur away kits
tottenham hotspur Third Kits Review

Last season’s home shirt was a car-crash. The sash has gone this time around and been replaced by a dubious shoulder panel, Under Armour’s signature kit design this summer. Navy in colour, it matches the shorts and socks.

Away from home, Tottenham’s kit is not dissimilar to Arsenal’s third kit which will make it popular with supporters. Swap out the gold trim for yellow and they are almost the same. The third kit is all-gold, with blue pinstripes on the jersey and navy accents on the shorts and socks.


watford kits review

The Hornets have a stylish take on their traditional yellow and black template. The jersey is yellow with black faded pinstripes and trim. Finished with black shorts and socks, it’s a tremendously simple but effective design.

Away from Hertfordshire, Watford will don an all-white kit, with black trim and socks the only break. With the same jersey design, it’s a classic polo-style shirt with a black collar.


west bromwich away kits review
west bromwich away kits review

West Brom have a classic Albion design for the kit this season. Even blue and white stripes on the jersey body are paired with white sleeves, shorts and socks. It’s very straightforward and instantly recognisable as Baggies kit.

Away from home, they have a striking all-black kit with ‘Electric Cyan’ pinstripes and trim. It’s a stunning football kit with the contrasting colour scheme stealing a march in the football fashion stakes.


West Ham Home Kits review
West Ham Away Kits review

The Hammers move to London’s Olympic Stadium is captured in the Union Jack shirt trim design on both home and away kits, as well as the new club crest released this year.

The home jersey is the usual claret body with sky blue sleeves. White trim matches the white shorts and claret socks which complete the kit.

On their travels, West Ham United will wear a white shirt with sky blue shoulder band and claret trim, with sky blue shorts and white socks.

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