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John Terry Bids Chelsea Farewell – What We Learnt

The Premier League came to a close on Sunday with Chelsea smiling home with the title. There was time, however, for an emotional farewell for one of the greatest defenders of modern day football as John Terry called time on his Chelsea career after 22 years.

Chelsea’s fixture against Sunderland in the last league game of the 2016-17 season was more of a prize-giving get-together than a usual win or burst Premier League game. What more could be expected from both teams? They both had little more than pride to play for.

Chelsea came into the game having won the league, in sharp contrast to Sunderland who had already been relegated. For Chelsea, it was a day to receive their gold, while Sunderland was to be put out of their misery in the Premier League.

Chelsea’s long-standing skipper, John Terry was set for an emotional goodbye to the club and fans. Following a beautiful afternoon of bliss for the Chelsea faithful, here are four things we picked up from Terry’s teary-eyed farewell.

Contrived substitution

When Gary Cahill began warming up in the 23rd minute, eyebrows were raised. Was there an early injury concern to David Luiz or John Terry? Far from it.

Exactly in the 26th minute, Sunderland goalkeeper, Jordan Pickford, intentionally kicked the ball out of play to allow a historic Chelsea substitution to take place. The number that came up was same as the minute on the clock – 26. Then came the ovation, it reverberated all through Stamford Bridge.

Although he finally left the pitch in the 28th minute, substituting Terry in the 26th minute looked every bit like a played-out script. This was planned to the core. David Moyes confirmed his players were aware of a 26th minute big Chelsea substitution.

A farewell is inevitable

That’s just something we all have to learn. Whatever has a beginning must, as a matter of certainty, have an end; no matter how long it takes. John Terry looks like he has been with Chelsea forever. The Chelsea legend started playing for Chelsea at the age of 14. He made his senior debut at the age of 18 and never looked back.

For over two decades he was a regular and captain for Chelsea and for the most part, he was the face of the Chelsea team. However, a day like Sunday was bound to come. A day he would step out on the Stamford Bridge turf for the last time as a player.

Although he didn’t play this season, as much as he’d been used to, John Terry bows out on a high. The time for the inevitable arrived, and Terry welcomed it with a smile and a tear.

John Terry remains Mr emotional

It’s normal for players to get emotional. Football has the ability to break spirits and leave one in tears of either joy or sorrow. However, in John Terry, we see an epitome of a player who is very emotional to the Chelsea course.

When Chelsea lost the Champions League final to Manchester United in Moscow 2008; a distraught Terry was inconsolable following his missed penalty. He would shed tears again, four years later, but this time it was for joy as Chelsea won the trophy in 2012 at the Allianz Arena.

John Terry held back no emotion as he bid the Chelsea faithful goodbye on Sunday. The former England skipper said it was “One of the most difficult days of my life,”. Terry fought in futility to hold back tears, as Stamford Bridge paid their respects. Mr emotional hasn’t changed a bit

The door swings open for another youngster

With Terrys’s departure, a gaping vacuum has just been left for another youngster to step up in his absence to take his place and become a legend himself.

Terry broke into the Chelsea first team while still a teenager – thanks to injuries to some senior players. Another youngster can build a future at Chelsea like Terry did.

Gary Cahill is already 31and has just three or four seasons left in him. Chelsea already has the youth personnel to replace John Terry. The likes of Kurt Zouma or Andreas Christensen can step in to replace Terry with a chance to become a club legend.

With Terry’s departure, the door is open, which youngster can enter?

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