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Here’s Why Cristiano Ronaldo Joining Manchester United is next to impossible

Since news broke in Spain a week ago that Cristiano Ronaldo has angrily asked to leave Real Madrid, fans of Manchester United have not been dissuaded from drooling over the possibility of the winger rejoining the Red Devils. This here is laying the facts bare! That deal is never going to happen.

In the world of football, the name, Cristiano Ronaldo, will reverberate for generations – what the 32-year-old has achieved in the game is simply staggering. For Ronaldo, three football clubs helped make him the player he is today, one of those clubs being Manchester United.

In 2009 when Cristiano Ronaldo left Manchester United to join Real Madrid, he had helped the Red Devils conquer both England and Europe, having won the Champions League and Premier League a year before leaving.

When Real Madrid paid £80 million for Ronaldo, it looked astronomical; many believed no player was worth that lump sum. Today, that fee can be referred to as a bargain; Manchester United can ‘kill' to have him back.

The tax saga

Last week, Ronaldo was charged by the prosecutor’s office of having defrauded Spanish authorities of £13 million in unpaid tax. Following the subpoena, it was rumoured that Real Madrid had contacted media outlets in Spain requesting that they do not publish the tax story with a picture of Ronaldo in a Madrid shirt.

The reigning world footballer of the year was left livid at Real’s perceived insensitivity to his plight. He was reported by the Spanish newspaper, Marca, to have threatened to quit the Madrid club.

With Ronaldo’s next career trajectory now bearing a big question mark, Manchester United, being a club he once played for and had on occasion, professed his affection for, emerged favourites to land his signature. Bookies around Britain went ahead to install the Red Devils as the most likely club to sign their former winger.

With a plethora of Manchester United fans going into a frenzy regarding the possibility of a return to Manchester for Ronaldo, it’s time they get a grip! There’s absolutely next to no chance of the attacker returning to the red side of Manchester. I tell you why in a few paragraphs.

The £1 billion buyout clause

It’s no secret that Cristiano Ronaldo has a buyout clause of £1 billion. Aside from that buyout being staggering it gives an insight into the sort of trouble a club must go through to sign the four-time Ballon d'Or winner. Can Manchester United go through that?

Manchester United has the money, without any fuss they are easily England’s biggest and richest football franchise. Nonetheless, can Manchester United cough out hundreds of millions to sign a footballer who is over thirty? Don’t think so.

Real Madrid still need him

If Real Madrid can be known for anything, it’ll be their knack for getting the managers and players they want as well as keeping the stars they deem needful. Without much debate, Real Madrid still needs Ronaldo and there’s no way they’re letting him go, not without a dirty fight anyway.

Zinedine Zidane was reported by the Spanish media to have called Ronaldo and said: “Cris we need you!”. Madrid president, Florentino Perez has also come out to play down the possibility of Ronaldo leaving Real, stating that the player was at ease in the Spanish capital.

"He always told me he is at ease in Real Madrid. Ronaldo is in a major tournament with his country and until that is over I cannot talk to him.” – Perez.

Clearly, Real Madrid isn’t ready to sell Ronaldo. He isn’t going anywhere, no not to Manchester United.

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