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5 Reasons Why Alexandre Lacazette Will Fail At Arsenal

On the 6th of July, Arsenal smashed their transfer record by splashing out £46.5m on French striker, Alexandre Lacazette. The 26-year old is Arsenal’s second signing of the summer and fans hope he’s not their last. The Frenchman will fit in Arsenal’s 3-4-3 on either the flanks or up front.

Many have lauded the striker as a great acquisition but many have also downplayed his potential influence. It’s reported that even Jose Mourinho passed on the option to sign the Frenchman as he feels he has a ‘weak mentality in big games.’ It’s hard to argue against this quote, when you look at the fact that West Ham and Atletico Madrid were the only other clubs interested in him. Hardly sounds like a world class talent does he?

Here are 5 reasons why Alexandre Lacazette will fail at Arsenal.

The Premier League is more physical

Arsenal physical - Mustafi

The average height of Arsenal is 5’10, the third smallest in the league,.

When they say the English Premier League is like noting in the world, they mean it. Only in the Premier League can you watch the supreme agility of David Silva in combat with the raw ruggedness of Ryan Shawcross. EPL defenders are a different breed, they’re rough, persistent, physical and no respecter of reputations.

Many a skilful forward has come from abroad, entered the Premier League and fallen flat on their face, several in Wenger’s time at the club. Names like Gervinho, Marouane Chamakh and Park Chu-Young all spring to mind. Arsène Wenger promised so much on their behalf but all three could not cope with the intensity and pace of the Premier League. And from looking at Lacazette’s build, I’m not sure he’ll cope either.

He’s not used to such pressure

alexandre lacazette football lyon

Lacazette has been at Lyon since 2008.

It’s all well and good being the man at Olympique Lyon, but to be a marquee signing at Arsenal means something else. Regardless of their 5th place position, Arsenal are still one of the most famous clubs in the world, playing in the most watched league on the planet. Alexandre Lacazette has never been under such bright lights and most French players who do experience such pressure, fall at the first hurdle.

Alexandre Lacazette is Arsenal and Arsène Wenger’s most expensive signing ever, that’s pressure upon pressure. After signing a new 2-year deal under controversial terms, Arsène Wenger’s Arsenal latest tenure solely hinges on Lacazette, he’s his saving grace.

Not his style of play

Arsenal under Pressure

It will take time for the Frenchman to become accustomed to the laissez-faire, free-form & free-flowing football of Arsenal. He’s used to being in a team that defends in a low-block and hits on the counter, Arsenal don’t. In fact they’re rather the team that gets hit on the break instead.

In Arsenal’s style of play, there’s a lot more involvement on the ball. Lacazette will be forced to take several touches with the ball, touches he’s not used to. He’s a striker that relies on his pace to stretch defences and get in behind high defensive lines. Now he’ll be facing low-blocks that offer him limited freedom and tight spaces.

Arsenal rely too heavily on strikers

Arsenal's Olivier Giroud

Olivier Giroud only scored 12 league goals last season.

At Arsenal Arsène Wenger has created a footballing philosophy where the club relies solely on their strikers. They have to carry the load of the attacking responsibility, as Wenger instructs his wide players to focus more on creating than scoring. Last season, Alex Iwobi and Theo Walcott scored 13 goals between them, that’s less than Eden Hazard (16) alone. Even back in the Invincibles era, Robert Pires and Freddie Ljunberg were tasked with supplying Henry & Bergkamp, rather than adding to their own goal tallies.

Only the exceptional can excel in such a system and previous records don’t suggest Lacazette can live up to the bill, especially when you consider a fifth of his goals (23) have come from the penalty spot.

Can never fill the void of Alexis Sánchez


Alexis Sánchez averages a goal every two games in the PL.

Alexis Sánchez is a pretty tough act to follow, especially when you consider the Chilean is now rated as one of the best players in the world today. Revelations today bring to light Alexis’s desire to play for a team in the Champions League, something Arsenal are not.

The 28-year old has taken his stock to new heights at the Emirates and his commercial value has become unprecedented. The man literally had to drag his unresponsive teammates over line last season and even with his best goalscoring tally ever, the Gunners still finished 5th.

The PFA Team of the Year candidate returned his best ever goal tally last season, scoring 30 goals for the Gunners. That total was achieved at the highest of levels in comparison to Lacazette scoring in a poor Ligue 1 and weak Europa League.

The bottom line is, Alexandre Lacazette does not have the mental capability to carry his team out of peril situations, like Alexis Sánchez.

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