5 Premier League players would dominate La Liga

Not every top player can excel in La Liga, it takes certain skills and attributes to perform well in Spain’s top league. Take, for example, one of the most respected strikers in the world Zlatan Ibrahimović, he failed woefully in La Liga. But somehow, he’s been able to come over to England and dominate it, funny how things work out?

Every league has its own special identity and only certain players suit that mould. The Spanish La Liga is a league that relies on technical ability, ability to dominate the ball and passing qualities. Many a player in the Premier League has those qualities but in England, they can’t use them to good effect due to the physicality of the league.

Here are 5 Premier League players who would dominate La Liga.

#5 Anthony Martial


Anthony Martial has scored 17 PL goals in 60 apps

You see how Antoine Griezmann rips up La Liga year after year? Anthony Martial could do that, but better. His time at Manchester United may have been relatively subdued but the Frenchman certainly possesses world class ability.

He’s quick, direct, skilful, composed and has superb striking technique. His rare blend of speed and quick thinking means he could resemble the exploits of Cristiano Ronaldo. Remember how the Portuguese winger fine-tuned his flashiness into productive output, Martial must also embrace that transition.

The 21-year old under José Mourinho has had his wings clipped as the United boss has refused to start him until he displays a defensive work rate. In Spain, a player of his quality wouldn’t be limited to tracking back, he’d be stationed in the final third running at opposing defenders.

#4 Granit Xhaka

Xhaka - arsenal

Granit Xhaka has an 82% pass accuracy this season

The Spanish La Liga is all about pass, passes and passing, all 20 teams focus on dominating the ball and maximising the space available. Granit Xhaka could replicate the success of Sergio Busquets in Spain. The culture around La Liga appreciates the manipulation of the ball, they commend long diagonals and examine short one-twos.

In the Premier League, Xhaka’s passing ability has gone unnoticed and undervalued for too long. In Spain, the Albanian would be afforded ample amounts of time on the ball, allowing him to dictate the game from the middle.

Teams in Spain also have more structured systems than teams in England. Meaning Xhaka wouldn’t have to improvise like he does at Arsenal, instead he would have a structured build-up play to adhere to.

#3 John Stones


Defenders in Spain are often more highlighted for their passing ability than their actual defending. John Stones fits that mould as he’s been labelled as La Liga connoisseur Pep Guardiola’s pet project. The youngster has been heavily criticised for his tendency to hang onto the ball longer than the average player, the 23-year old likes to scan the pitch properly before making an on the ball decision.

If you look at La Liga’s two most notorious defenders, Sergio Ramos & Gerard Piqué are renowned for their possession skills. They are the reasons why La Liga teams can play out from the back, having defenders who are good on the ball enhances your domination of the ball immensely. It means that you dominate centrally from the start, forcing opposing teams to press your defenders as well as your midfielders, opening gaps in the middle.

#2 Riyad Mahrez

Mahrez has signed a new deal

As the perfect blend of skill, creativity and speed, Riyad Mahrez is a player on the verge of breaking the elite bracket of football. On top of that, he possesses the dribbling skill and tactical nous to flourish in La Liga. Spain’s top league not only requires skilful players, it needs creative thinkers that will produce magic on the ball in possession.

Spain’s coaching focuses more on possession and positional play than the Premier League. That’s why Riyad Mahrez would be perfect for Spanish football, his quick on the feet nature would help break down low-blocks in Spain and produce magical intricate play. The Algerian has the attributes to play as a penetrative CAM or flashy RW, either way, he’d produce magic in Spain.

#1 Daniel Sturridge


Daniel Sturridge has 73 PL goals to his name

Daniel Sturridge is one of the few English players that has the close control to wriggle out of tight spaces. He’s blessed with great technique and the ability to link up with others, bringing them into the game.

On top of that, he can also switch up his game to run in behind defences when playing on the counter. Daniel Sturridge is a La Liga boss’ dream player, as he suits all philosophies practised in the league and has the ability to learn new tactical approaches.

The Englishman could play as a false 9, central forward or inverted winger because he has the attributes to create magic out of nothing. At Liverpool, he’s never been fully appreciated except in the season he played with Raheem Sterling & Luis Suárez.

It’s no coincidence that even though he was good in the Premier League, Suárez took his game to a whole new level at Barcelona. Because the La Liga favours those who enjoy intricate link up play and Daniel Sturridge is a firm practiser of such.

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