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5 Players Who Must Leave Arsenal This Summer

It’s safe to say that Arsenal are experiencing the most turbulent period in recent memory. The club are in free-fall and nobody knows whether to view them as contenders or pretenders anymore. After losing their third league game of the season on the weekend, the Gunners currently sit in 6th place, a whopping 9 points behind the league leaders.

The team look like a set of players who don’t know their purpose anymore or how they should be playing. Many fans point fingers towards the manager and his visible lack of tactical nous, but on July the 1st he answered their worries by signing a new 2-year deal.

So, if the manager won’t go, there’s only one other option, clear out the dressing room. Some of the players on this list need to leave because their career is currently being stunted, others need to leave because they’re simply not good enough to play at the Emirates.

Here are 5 players who should leave Arsenal.

#5 Aaron Ramsey


Aaron Ramsey joined Arsenal in 2008

It’s no locker room secret that Arsène Wenger has been eternally loyal to Aaron Ramsey in his time at Arsenal. He stood by the Welshman when had a career-threatening injury and has never stopped showing faith in him since. But, since then, the central midfielder has performed horrifically on several occasions as it’s clear Arsène Wenger has not taught him the tactical principles of the game.

Such a clear deficiency in coaching has held back one of Britain’s brightest talents of the past decade. Now that Arsène Wenger has stunted his growth, it’s imperative the Welshman leaves for greener pastures.

#4 Theo Walcott

Theo Walcott

Theo Walcott has scored 112 goals for Arsenal

There’s nobody at the Emirates that screams mediocrity more than Theo Walcott. He may have scored over 100 goals for the Gunners, but the quality of his performances in the big games have been left wanting. Nowadays he just sits on the bench, collects £100,000-a-week and makes the odd sub-par cameo.

The Englishman has wasted his career at Arsenal and if he’d played somewhere else, he could’ve been a star. That’s why it’s hard to criticise the decisions of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain as he’s seen the light much earlier. Walcott is a waste of a squad spot at the Emirates and he’s also wasting away under Arsène Wenger.

#3 Jack Wilshere


Jack Wilshere has missed 155 games through injury in his Arsenal career

Last season we saw Jack Wilshere play the best football he has in years. Why? Because he got a run of games at a club that has proficient medical facilities. Some say he’s a damaged player, others blame the training & conditioning regimes at the Emirates. For England’s most naturally gifted player to shine he must leave the Emirates and go to a club that can cater to his physical demands.

Even now that he’s back, Arsène Wenger has refused to start him in the league, claiming he’s protecting him. But the reality is, he’s lost faith in the Englishman and their relationship is beyond repairable. With only 8 months left on his contract, this is the best time for 25-year-old to change scenery.

#2 Mesut Özil


World Cup winner, ex-Real Madrid player and one of the most creative CAMs in history, Mesut Özil is cut from a different cloth. He’s a player Arsène Wenger personally went out of his way capture, such was his pedigree.

In his time in North London, the German has been heavily criticised by the media and English footballing public. His lack of ‘passion’ and invisible work rate have been cited as the main reasons for concern. But what people must understand is that Mesut Özil is a luxury player, he doesn’t do the defensive work because his attacking contribution is so vital. If you don’t believe me, let’s look at the stats.

In 122 Premier League appearances, Mesut Özil has produced 42 assists, created 151 chances whilst averaging 63 passes a match. It’s not his fault that for most of his tenure at Arsenal, he’s only had the immobile Olivier Giroud to supply. Özil deserves more than to have his talents scrutinised on a weekly basis, he’s a world-class player that doesn’t need Arsenal to shine.

#1 Alexis Sánchez


Sánchez has scored 73 goals for Arsenal

Let’s not kid ourselves here, Alexis Sánchez does not currently want to be at Arsenal Football Club. The Chilean’s summer was filled with exit rumour after exit rumour, as most of Europe’s elites queued up to sign the 28-year-old. In the end, Manchester City left it too late to submit a £60million bid for Sánchez. It’s said that the winger was left devastated on deadline day as he wasn’t able to escape the hell hole of Arsenal.

The Chilean is not only one of the best wingers in the world, he’s one of the best players in the world. Last season, Sánchez scored 30 goals and provided 19 assists in 51 appearances for the Gunners. That’s world-class form that a 5th placed Arsenal team don’t deserve to have.

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