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The British managers capable of restoring Inter Milan’s lost glory

British managers haven't really had pleasant memories plying their trades in foreign countries. Nonetheless, the latest opening at Inter Milan might just be the perfect turning point for them if presented the opportunity to return the Nerazzurri back to their glory days.

Inter, unquestionably one of Europe's most prestigious clubs has in recent times sunk rapidly into obscurity. A team with so much history, accomplishments, and great players are now facing its worst crisis yet. It all started shortly after Jose Mourinho departed in 2010. As many as 10 managers, of which eight were Italians, have all come and gone, yet the Nerazzurri has failed to hit the heights of years past.

This season was expected to be the watershed after the club was acquired by a Chinese company, Suning Holdings Group. Dutch legend, Frank de Boer, was the man saddled with the responsibility of reviving the club - which had failed to make five successive Champions Leagues. But shockingly, the ex-Ajax manager was nothing different from his predecessors and ultimately sent packing after just 85 days. His successor, Stefano Pioli, himself didn't do any better and received the axe on Tuesday.

Just like in time past, the Nerazzurri could be looking towards another Italian to fill the void left by Pioli. But what if an expatriate is considered, preferably a Briton? After all, there's a good number of Italian tacticians in the Premier League, so why not the opposite? Here are three who could get the job done for the blue half of San Siro.

1 - Brendan Rodgers

Probably the best British manager at the moment, Brendan Rodgers will most definitely relish the prospect of working abroad. His amiable attacking philosophy which places great emphasis on free flowing, possession-based football will certainly benefit Inter. This he has shown over time at Watford, Swansea, Liverpool and Celtic. The 44-year-old radiates unrivalled experience and exposure; having worked in Wales, England, and Scotland. But his most exceptional asset is probably his man-management skills, showcased with his handling of the likes of Raheem Sterling, Luis Suarez, and Daniel Sturridge while at Liverpool. No wonder Reds legend, Steven Gerrard described his "one-on-one management" as the best he has seen.

2 - Sean Dyche

Sean Dyche's reputation appears to be catapulting every season. How he has consistently rescued Burnley from sinking to the Championship in the last two seasons remains a mystery. That he has achieved with probably the weakest squad made up of players deemed misfits. Furthermore, the Clarets aren't near the biggest spenders in the country. As a matter of fact, they're the worst - an indication of what he might achieve with little more resources. A modern coach with an old-school approach, Dyche opts for tried and tested methods, applying his own spin on them to good effect in a variety of different situations. Setting his teams up to be tough to defeat, the 44-year-old has a side with disciplined players who understand the importance of defending, as well as a few with attacking flair, helping to balance their approach in different match situations. A coach with such immense potentials will most definitely flourish at Inter.

“You put Sean Dyche or someone in a top six team, they’re still going to be in the top six continued. You go and put any of the top six managers down at Burnley, they’re not going to do any better than what he’s done." - Birmingham coach, Harry Redknap said.

3 - Roy Hodgson

As we all know, there's some form of unfinished business existing between the Nerazzurri and Roy Hodgson. The pair had a very short, yet eventful stint together between 1995 and 1997 - where he presided over a rebuilding phase, thus setting the tone for future successes. His tactical ingenuity was pivotal as the club twice finished in the top half of the log albeit narrowly losing the UEFA Cup to Schalke.

Ex-president, Massimo Moratti revealed:"Roy Hodgson was an important person in the development of Inter Milan to the point we have reached today. He saved us at the right time. When he came we were in trouble and things appeared dark. He didn’t panic, he was calm and made us calm. Disaster was averted at the most important time. Everyone at Inter will remember him for that and his contribution. He is considered by us all as an important person in our history. He left an endowment to this club that’s important in our history."

Since leaving Inter, the 69-year-old has managed 11 different sides including Liverpool and the England national team. Hodgson might just be the man to bring back the good old days owing to his vast experience and knowledge of the club.

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