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Looking at Leicester City now, what could Ranieri be thinking?

Following Leicester City’ newly found form in the Premier League, one in which they have managed to pick up two consecutive 3-1 victories against Liverpool and Hull City, Claudio Ranieri must be watching his former wards with some awe. These are the same players who just couldn’t get into gear a couple of weeks ago and were constantly beaten and battered by all-comers, now playing like the Premier League Champion everyone expected to see at the start of the season.

A look at the new wave of energy and urgency currently surging through the Leicester squad somewhat gives credence to the assertion that the Leicester players really did want a managerial change at the club. The players aside, we can’t ignore the role of Craig Shakespeare in all these – many believe he had played some part in usurping Ranieri, an act that has endeared him to the players who seem to have regained plenty of confidence in Ranieri’s wake.

Amidst all this hullabaloo is the mercurial, Claudio Ranieri. He’s lost his job, already said goodbye to the fans in an emotional farewell statement and has since been paid off in a £3 million settlement. One can’t help but wonder what could be going on in Ranieri’s mind concerning Leicester at the moment. He must be thinking...

My players were traitors!

Hours after it was announced that Ranieri had been sacked by Leicester, news broke that at least four first-team members of the Leicester City squad had met with the club owners to discuss their dissatisfaction with the Italian’s methods. Players such as Wes Morgan, Kasper Schmeichel and Jamie Vardy, were all fingered as the coup plotters who had met with Leicester City Vice Chairman over the possibility of Ranieri’s ouster.

Although a few of these players did come out to vehemently deny the allegation, it was crystal clear that the rug had been pulled from Ranieri’s feet by the same players who had carried him shoulder high nine months ago.

What else would the 65-year-old be thinking, other than the treachery of his former players who sold him cheap like Judas Iscariot?

I could’ve handled everything better…

You can’t doubt the fact that Ranieri must’ve been turning this thought through in his mind since he got booted out of his position as Leicester manager.

It was revealed by insiders within the Leicester group, that Ranieri had constantly changed the team’s tactics, changed the team’s diet and tinkered with his methods – a decision that has both angered and confused players. His new methods were causing major rifts within the squad and the dressing room was rapidly falling apart. It was said that he sometimes changed the team’s tactics less than two hours before kickoff.

When Leicester players held talks last year, in a bid to convince Ranieri to bring back the 4-4-2 system, which thrived on counter-attack and return to the methods which worked magic last season, the gaffer discarded all suggestions, insisting that there should only one voice at the club.

Ranieri had swayed from the coaching style he employed last season and it cost him his job. So, could he have done better? Could he have listened to his players and his backroom staff? These are a few questions the Italian manager must be asking himself as he searches for yet another coaching role.

The owners just didn’t give me enough time

Ranieri would be ruing the fact that he wasn’t allowed to finish the second season after helping Leicester win a Premier League title for the first time in their 135-year history. How in the world would the club repay him for all his services by letting him go so unceremoniously? He must’ve believed in his ability to turn around the fortune of the club and help them avoid relegation from the Premier League, but sadly, he would never get that chance.

Ranieri said in an emotional farewell statement released to the media, how much he wanted to remain a while longer with the club. Excerpts from his statement read thus:

“Yesterday my dream died.”

“After the euphoria of last season and being crowned Premier League Champions, all I dreamt of was staying with Leicester City, the Club I love, for always…”

Sadly, after tinkering the club to just one point above the relegation places, The Srivaddhanaprabha family (Thai owners of Leicester), hastened to pull the plug in a frantic effort to save the club from dropping to the English Championship.

Football is cruel

After having everything work for him last season, it would be nothing short of heart-rending to see just how much his team has capitulated over the course of the past six months. Under his watch, Leicester City has mounted the most feeble title challenge in Premier League history. The club had nosedived on all fronts, except for the UEFA Champions League where a small glimmer of hope still remained, following their qualification to the round of 16.

Whether of his own making or that of his players and staff, Claudio Ranieri must be cursing his luck – football has been certainly unfair to him this year.

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