la liga introduce goal line technology

Will the La Liga Finally Introduce Goal Line Technology??

Tradition in sports is a fickle creature. Many people who have grown up watching their favorite sport for years don’t want to see changes to it. Yet there is no doubt that technology has helped reduce the number of game changing errors by officials. In tennis, Hawkeye, which can accurately tell if the ball is in or out, has become such as mainstay of the sport that it is hard to remember the game without it.

Compared to other sports, including other football leagues such as the English Premier League, the La Liga is far behind in implementing goal-line technology. The issue has once again come to the fore after a wrongfully disallowed goal changed a game. The Guardian reports that Barcelona should have been awarded a goal that on repeat viewings had clearly crossed the goal line before it was hooked out by Real Betis player Aissa Mandi. The game ended in a draw that could have title repercussions for the defending champions who are now four points behind Real Madrid, who also have a game in hand.

In response to the goal revealed that the Spanish league will eventually bring in the technology in 2018. President of the Liga de Fútbol Javier Tebas told the media that “we have always defended the use of technology in soccer and in this case we believe that video referees is the most advanced option. The tests are already underway. I believe that beginning in July 2018, if FIFA approves it, we will start using it.” However, he also suggested that the La Liga wouldn’t use Hawkeye like other European leagues, as it was too expensive to maintain. The league would instead rely on video referees to aid officials on the pitch. Yahoo reported that Barcelona coach Luis Enrique also commented on the need to bring in the technology. ”The referees need help, whether it’s with cameras or whatever, for decisions that favor us or go against us. The technology can help us; I’ve already said that before.” have listed two technologies that are currently available to be used. One is a camera based systems “that can detect the ball and then use specific software to evaluate the footage from all cameras.” The other is a set of magnetic fields placed underground and around the goal which can then detect the exact position of the ball and determine whether it crossed the line.

Technology and sport have become closer in the past decades and it is not just on the pitch that technology is having an effect. Video games such as the FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer series are having a huge effect in bringing in new fans to the game. Soccer has even been combined with online gaming, with Pocket Fruity launching successful games such as Goal! that follows a similar format to the famous soccer film. These digital titles are designed to use gaming technology to bring new innovative mediums to soccer fans across the globe. Nowadays, no matter where you find sport being played, technology is playing a big part.

As technology is now such a vital part of the sport, on the pitch and off the pitch hopefully the Spanish leagues will catch up and join the rest of the world in embracing the beneficial changes it can bring.

Here is a Video about Goal Line Technology

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