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Four Reasons Why Manchester City Are Better Than Pep’s Barcelona Team

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City team are currently destroying teams left, right and center. They’re undoubtedly the best team in England now and the Spaniard has also turned them into Champions League contenders. They’re so good that pundits are already comparing them to the majestic Barcelona team of 2007/08.

However, I’m here to argue that this Manchester City side are better than the treble-winning Catalonian club. The common denominator between the two teams is that they were both managed by both Pep Guardiola. And the Spaniard has clearly outdone himself at the Etihad in comparison to the Nou Camp.  

Here’s why this current Manchester City team are better than Barcelona of 2007/08.

#4 Pep’s reputation goes before him


Back at Barcelona, Pep’s innovative philosophy took the world of football by surprise. Before you knew it, they were branded the best team in the world and were winning successive domestic competitions. The Spaniard doesn’t have the luxury of being an unknown quantity anymore, teams now expect a certain brand of football from his teams.

This has made his task harder and teams now prepare more vigilantly for their encounters. This expectation followed him all the way into the Bundesliga and instead of setting that league alight, Bayern were branded boring. Now Guardiola has come to England and taken on board all that criticism to transform into an unstoppable force. A force that combines the best of all his previous tenures in world football.

#3 More diverse attacking options


pep attack football

Pep Guardiola has won 21 trophies in his managerial career


In 16 games this season, Manchester City have scored an incredible 49 goals, that’s just over 3 goals per game. At Barcelona, Pep’s Barca stars only knew one way of playing, tikki-takka. They would recycle possession around the back and midfield, shifting teams from side to side in hope to find an ounce of space in opposition low-blocks. When you have midfield controllers like Andres Iniesta and Xavi, it’s inevitable that Barcelona will knock the door down.

However, you compare that to the exploits of Manchester City and the Sky Blues are streaks ahead of their Catalonian counterparts. City have the ability to not only use tikki-takka they also use long balls, wide play and counter attacks to defeat teams, they’re the ultimate versatile attacking machine.

Everyone has claimed that Pep’s City are destroying teams because nobody has really attacked them. But they disproved that theory on Wednesday night when they beat Napoli for the second successive game. For context, the Italian team are currently leading the Serie A, as they’re undefeated in 11 games. City travelled to the Stadio San Paolo and beat them 4-2, that’s how good Manchester City are.

#2 They have no Lionel Messi

pep with messi

There’s a very strong argument to be made that Lionel Messi is the greatest player to ever grace the game. His dribbling ability and wizardry finishing skills have left millions of fans worldwide in awe and because of such, he’s become a household name. In his Barcelona career, Lionel Messi has scored an astonishing 487 goals. It was Guardiola who brought out the best of Messi in Spain and in return, the Argentinean bailed him out several times.

Barcelona may have played tikki-takka, but when that style of play failed, they had Lionel Messi there to save the day. Some even say that the 07/08 Barcelona team wouldn’t have achieved what they did if Messi wasn’t the best. At Manchester City, Guardiola doesn’t have that get out of jail card, instead, now he relies more on his coaching principles.

#1 The EPL is more difficult than La Liga

Pep in premier league

The English Premier League is often touted as the best league in the world. Not only for its unrivaled entertainment, but the pace at which it’s played at is incredible. People may argue that the quality of football is better in La Liga, but everyone knows it’s more difficult to thrive in the Premier League, due to its competitiveness.

The fact that Pep Guardiola is dominating the Premier League whilst producing an expansive style of football is unheard of in the modern day. Football has evolved since 2007, it’s faster, more technical and certainly more tactical, but Pep Guardiola’s brand of football is still proving to be head & shoulders above the rest.

La Liga is filled with superior technical quality, but it lacks aggression and physicality. The Premier League combines all three of those attributes and produces the best entertainment as a result. In the Spanish La Liga, Barcelona were given a free pass as they were afforded acres of time and space on the ball. Manchester City are playing a similar brand of football whilst being hounded down every game, that makes their performances even more the impressive.

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