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5 Reasons Why Tottenham Should Sell Harry Kane.

Harry Kane is undoubtedly Tottenham’s star player right now, he’s the man that leads their goalscoring charts every single season. He’s their go-to man for free kicks and penalties. He’s the man they look to when the chips are down and the odds are stacked against them. But with all that being said, there are so many reasons as to why Tottenham Hotspur should sell Harry Kane in the near future.

If the whole team is not benefitting from the stardom of a crucial player, then that player should be sacrificed for the greater good. At the end of the day, it’s about the team and not the individuals. That’s why we’ve come to the conclusion that Harry Kane should be sold by Spurs.

Here are 5 reasons why Tottenham Hotspur should sell Harry Kane.

#5 Cash in before he devalues

harry kane cash

TransferMarkt believe Harry Kane is worth £42m.

Let’s be truthful here, Harry Kane may be a desired asset right now, but he still has his millions of detractors. Many feel that the Englishman only performs the way he does due to the way Pochettino caters to his needs, without such support, he’d be useless.

Many of his detractors also point towards Kane’s poor performances at the Euros and for England. Without the systematic support his club manager gives him, he’s an average player. Perhaps their right, so for Daniel Levy, it’d be wise to cash in while the Englishman’s stock is high. Rather than wait until the 23-year old is found out to be a fraud.

#4 All eyes are on him

kane eye on him

Harry Kane has 690,000 followers on Twitter.

As the highest paid player at the club, Harry Kane has attained a certain level of status at White Hart Lane. He’s not mortal, he’s a god and he’s an icon to the Spurs following. When a player acquires such a reputation, things can become toxic at the club. This is how disharmony can arise, because other players develop a resentment for the man attracting ALL the attention.

Nobody wants to talk about Spurs unless it’s about Harry Kane. Due to the hype around him, he’s become a star, a star that’s shining brighter than all of his teammates combined. Harry Kane already has 1.16m followers on Facebook, an eighth of what the club has on its own page. The English media have a built an aura around him that none of his Tottenham counterparts could ever dream of having.

#3 He’s holding the team back

kane holding them

Harry Kane has missed 10 clear-cut chances this season.

Harry Kane is a decent player to have….if you’ve not built the system around him. A player of his supposed stature shouldn’t have to rely on penalties to boost his goalscoring tally. This league campaign, 23.8% of Kane’s goals have come from penalties, as he’s scored 5 and missed one. When you compare that to a real striker like Romelu Lukaku, the gap in quality is clear to be seen. Lukaku has scored 24 goals in the Premier League, with no penalties. He’s scored more than Kane, without having to boost it through penalties. Pretty telling eh?

If he’s not delivering in respect to how much you’re catering for him, then you should upgrade. Demanding £100,000-a-week whilst only possessing a 25% conversion rate doesn’t justify Pochettino’s tactical exploits. Tottenham should cut their losses now and prey on the hype built around him.

#2 They need the money

kane money

Tottenham spent £70.13 million last summer.

With Tottenham undergoing the same process that Arsenal did all those years ago, it’s guaranteed that the North London club will be scrambling for funds in the coming seasons. When Arsène Wenger embarked on the mission to turn Arsenal into a superclub, the move to the Emirates was imperative to that plan. Bigger stadiums equate to bigger matchday revenue and bigger gate in takings. However, with that move came financial restrictions in the transfer market as the club was tied to repaying the stadium payments.

Tottenham will suffer the same fate, so why not sell your most prized asset to help you keep afloat. It’s not guaranteed that Pochettino would keep Spurs in the top 4 through austerity like Wenger did. So why take the risk, in today’s market Harry Kane could fetch a fee north of £100m. That’s at least two transfer windows worth of money for Pochettino, you know it makes sense.

#1 He’s overrated

harry kane

Harry Kane has never scored for England at a major tournament.

Yes I know he’s scored 20+ goals in three successive Premier League campaigns but if you look beyond the stats, Harry Kane is not as good as he appears. His ability is built on hype and promise, not substance. Elite level strikers perform on the international stage, overrated ones don’t.

Harry Kane is a Premier League level type of player and that doesn’t say much in the grand scheme of things. Yes, he can score for fun in England, but what happened when the star man was burdened with leading England to international glory? He crumbled. With Wayne Rooney on the decline and Daniel Sturridge’s ability questioned, Harry Kane was undoubtedly England’s main man at the Euros. He responded to the pressure by scoring 0 goals in 240 minutes, taking wayward free kicks and hindering every counter-attack. If that doesn’t tell you he’s overrated, what will?

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