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5 Potential Destinations For Cristiano Ronaldo

Last Friday the footballing world was stunned into shock as news broke that Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Real Madrid. The undisputed best player on the planet wants to leave the biggest club in the world and something doesn’t quite add up.

It’s reported that the Madrid legend has told his international teammates that his decision is final and he won’t be playing in Spain again. Apparently the 32-year old doesn’t feel valued by the club as they hadn’t publicly backed him in his pending tax evasion lawsuit. He also feels undervalued by the fans due to constant abuse through the season.

Regardless of the real reason, we have a transfer dilemma on our hands, a dilemma that could realistically result in a blockbuster move.

Here are 5 teams the best player in the world could move to.

#5 Paris Saint-Germain


After one of their worst seasons in recent memory, everyone associated with the French giants are hurting, from the board down to the coaching staff. Everybody knows they fell short last season and they’re going to need a big revamp this summer to put things right. Nothing would resurrect their fortunes more than the signing of the world’s most expensive player.

Being owned by Qatar Sports Investments gives the French team an unprecedented edge in the transfer market, as no player is out of their reach. The Portuguese captain would automatically start for Emery, seemingly pushing Edison Cavani to his beloved left-wing position. A front three of Cavani, Ronaldo & Di Maria spells danger for any defence in Europe, let alone France.

#4 Chinese Super League

CSL logo

CSL clubs have spent over £500 million on players this year.

As of today, football is undergoing a monumental change. The noisy neighbours of the Far East are legitimately becoming a threat to football in Europe. It’s no secret that most Chinese Super League clubs are backed by wealthy Chinese investors that have been promised profitable returns by President Jinping. Over the past year and a half, the Chinese Super League has secured some of Europe’s most famous names, involving the likes of; Hulk, Oscar, Ramires and Manuel Pellegrini.

With a 1.2bn strong population, China is the perfect market for football to tap into. The CSL have nearly exploited that but the coup of the world’s most famous player would take interest levels to new heights in East Asia. Ronaldo’s marketability is already second to none, imagine how much his fame would increase if he became the poster boy of Chinese football. Because it makes sense from a business viewpoint, it will make sense to Ronaldo from a football viewpoint too.

#3 Manchester City

Ronaldo to Manchester City

You’d do well to remember that in football, there’s literally no such thing as loyalty. The Brazilian Ronaldo played for both Barcelona and Real Madrid, as did Portuguese legend, Luis Figo. If the opportunity arises and the money’s right, players will play for anyone, regardless of their previous ties. After spending 8 years at the Bernabéu, Ronaldo owes Manchester United nothing and joining Manchester City would take nothing away from his rep.

With Pep Guardiola in the dugout, Manchester City are one of the most attractive propositions in world football today. They play in the Premier League, they have the money and are coached by the world’s most famous managerial figure. There’s nothing else Ronaldo would want, let’s not forget he’s already suited to the surroundings of Manchester, it will always be home from home, regardless of who he plays for.

#2 Bayern Munich

Ronaldo to Bayren Munich

Cristiano Ronaldo scored 5 goals in 2 games against Bayern Munich this season.

Carlo Ancelotti is one of the few managers that knows how to get the best out of Cristiano Ronaldo, together the duo won countless accolades and broke several records. At Bayern Munich, the Italian is doing similar wonders as his team won the Bundesliga by a clear 15 points. Now if you add Cristiano Ronaldo to that mix, they could be winning the league before Christmas every year.

People may call him self-centered, arrogant and overrated but one thing Ronaldo certainly is is a winner. With Bayern Munich winning the past 5 league titles, there’s certainly a winning mentality at the club Ronaldo would enjoy.

A front four of Robben, Ronaldo, Lewandowski and Ribery would easily eclipse the effectiveness of any other attack in the world. The speed, direct running and untraceable movement would make them favourites for European glory too.

#1 Manchester United

Ronaldo back to Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo scored 118 goals for Manchester United in 292 appearances.

It's either things were meant to be or not, but in Manchester United fans eyes, Cristiano Ronaldo will always be theirs. I’m sure Sporting Lisbon fans view him in the same way. Regardless, Cristiano Ronaldo is a Manchester United legend and his return to Old Trafford would be front page news around the world. With José Mourinho at the realm of the helm in Manchester, the Portuguese connection would be in full force.

At Real Madrid, Mourinho managed a team with Ronaldo that scored the most amount of goals in a La Liga campaign ever, they’re a match made in heaven. Many feel José’s tactics are too defensive and that he demands too much of his players, but Cristiano would simply be given a free role in the team. Because as he’s shown before, he can do it on a cold night away at Stoke, something his arch-rival Lionel Messi hasn’t.

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