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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Alexis Sánchez

He’s Arsenal’s leading scorer this season and one of the PFA POTY candidates, but there’s a lot more than meets the eye with the Chilean. It’s time for us to delve deeper into the persona and character of Alexis Sánchez. We want to know who the man is behind the 141 career club goals.

On Wednesday night the Chilean was accused of overreacting after Christian Fuchs blasted a ball directly at him. Sánchez was unfairly criticised throughout social media, being painted out as a dramatic play actor. However as well delve into these facts, you’ll see how far away from the truth this is.

We know he’s Arsenal’s most important player today, but here’s what we don’t know about Alexis Sánchez.

#5 He was brought up in poverty:

When you consider the birth places of certain footballers, it’s almost understandable that they demand the wages they do. Some have literally come from nothing and now thankfully reached the top of an industry. Alexis Sánchez’s story is just as inspiring, Sánchez grew up in a mining town in Chile called Tocopilla. The town is small and only has a population of 24,000.

Alexis Alejandro Sánchez

Alexis Sánchez in the front on right with his youth team in Tocopilla.

Sánchez’s father abandoned his family when he was young, meaning his mother was left to look after him and his 3 siblings. His mum had no choice but to work several jobs throughout the day including selling flowers and washing raw fish. Such poverty meant that Sánchez didn’t even own a pair of football boots as a child, he had to borrow boots from his friends at the youth club. It was only until he scored 8 goals in a U14 game that the Mayor of Tocopilla awarded him with his own pair.

#4 For one season, he was better than Messi:


Alexis scored 43 goals for Barcelona in 83 appearances.

In his last season at Barcelona, Alexis Sánchez showed the world why the Catalan giants had signed him in the first place. The Chilean racked up 23 goals in 50 appearances, whilst providing his teammates with 6 assists. 19 of those 23 goals were scored in the league, where he only needed 61 shots to score them. This equated to a conversion rate of 31%, higher than both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. It was the highest in the league for that season and earned the Chilean a move to the Emirates.

#3 He plays the piano:


He’s not only a competent dribbler, goalscorer and all-round fantastic player, he’s a piano player. As a man of many talents, we shouldn’t be surprised that Alexis Sánchez can produce a fine tune on the piano. The Chilean has shown many a time on his Instagram profile that he can play the piano. He’s filmed himself playing John Legend classics as well as performing “Right Here Waiting” at an Arsenal Christmas party. Next, we’ll see the Chilean singing his heart out…..

#2 Youngest player ever to play for Chile:


Alexis made 18 appearances for the Chilean U20s.

After making his astonishing professional debut at the tender age of 16, it was clear that the Chilean was destined for great things. Sánchez played for his local club of Cobreloa at the age of 16 and a year later he was playing for the national team.

Whilst playing for the senior national team, Sánchez was also playing for Chile’s U20 team. Fast forward 12 years and Alexis has played over 100 games for Chile, scoring 37 goals in the process. As the shining light of the team, Sánchez has led his nation to two World Cups and won two consecutive Copa Americas. He’s been so good for his country that Chilean legend Marcelo Salas has described him as the best talent ever produced by the country.

#1 He used to box for money:

It’s no wonder the Chilean fights so hard on the pitch, did you know Alexis Sánchez used to box for money on the streets of Chile? Yes, BOX. As his father let his family down so badly, Alexis Sánchez was forced to provide money for his family at the age of 6. So alongside washing cars and performing somersaults, the little Chilean would accept payment to box other children. Sánchez’s brother Humberto revealed the shocking fact to the world:

On occasions, Alexis would box in the street for entertainment. He loves boxing. Someone had an old pair of gloves and he’d put them on and fight another young land. Then the neighbours would give him a little for his troubles."

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